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So I ordered another 1800 WIFE-watt cob, really liking first one and price is right. Will use both for 40" X 40" flower area; 2 plants. Then wife catches me ordering it. Oh heck, what do I tell her. ME-Treez made me do it. WIFE- No, trees did not make you order it. ME- I swear, it’s Treez fault. WIFE- What kind of tree? Money tree? ME- No, KTreez420. WIFE- I don’t care what letter or number tree it was. Did you really need another light. ME- mumbling under my breath… it was @ktreez420 fault…


hahahahahahah this is HILARIOUS!!! Your poor wife, lol she must think I’m a used cars salesman or something! Lol this is awesome @bryan! But she’s right, you got too many lights…send some out my way :wink:



So I am in grow room and did a dab way too big again. Skip back to bedroom and lay down quickly as my eyes begin to go fuzzy and tears are running from both eyes. WIFE- Are you ok? ME- It’s allergies. WIFE- To what? ME- (Still trying to breathe, tears everywhere) Treez… Dabs… Rosin… WIFE- (Patting me on head) Poor baby, allergic to dabs of tree’s resin. You were talking about tree’s resin dabs in your sleep last night.


Planted Amnesia Haze and Chocolope seed into 6 inch rockwool. AH popped up yesterday, Choc said hello this morning. Will use rockwool in DWC again.


lol you’re killing me over @bryan! I’m picturing all of this in my head, and it’s hilarious!!



started flower area flush yesterday on an Lemon Auto and a MegaJackpot. Moved my Blue Dream into 27 gal res. Trimmed off tons of underbrush on it, and White Queen, and ILGM Purple Haze. Will soon cut another hole in 27 gal res top and add Purple Haze to the res once I finish flush and harvest on the other two. Hopefully the timing will work out for the new Amnesia Haze and Chocolope sprouts to have room to spread in veg area. My other cob led is in place next to the first one. 36" X 40" flower area now has 2 1800 watt (Each 335 true) . The cobs are much cooler to run and a lot more substantial light overall.


Too much water… I run 15 gallon rez on 6 girls and still have room to spare… why so much rez… ?

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Didn’t I just tag you to my thread…?
Scroll up to get a lil info on what I’m doing… might save you time and energy… much luv @bryan


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Peach, Thanks for the tag, been following your stuff since I began. Love your new pics. I needed 27 gal res cuz blue dream roots overwhelmed 5 gal. The netpot I have for it is 6 inch square and 6 inch deep. I figured that if I put it in res normally, I would lose 8-10 gallons of nutes. I have no doubt that roots will fill half of res, easy. So the 27 gal res is probably 24 gallons of solution. Doing my weird contraptions to suspend the entire 6 inch square netpot above top of res, leaving only roots below res top.



I need those roots on my plants…NOW!!!

are those the regrown ones?


Last pic is White Queen, one above it is a Purple Haze. This grow is about learning how lollipop works. Shooting for big buds this time, hopefully have enough watts to make dense buds


I am happy with my 600 watt HPS for flowering, my cheap store bought LED’s are great at vegging…when I get the room, I’ll set a second area up.


These roots are the Blue Dream plant, impossible to say enough good things for how fast they grow. Moved to bigger res cuz a 5 gallon bucket went dry in 2 days. Plant was a seed Aug 1. To 12/12 yesterday. BD is fastest growing out of 8 strains I have tried.


This is plant I cut roots off 1inch below netpot Started flush yesterday


Now I understand… lol roots need room… :wink:

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gonna cut 1 more hole in top for a second plant, my White Queen from sister site. It’s time to move her out of veg now that 2 in flower area are being flushed. I did some measuring in flower area; there is enough room to add another res.



Are those fruit trees that you have growing…? :wink:
Lookin good my friend…
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