Hydro, playin around


Thanks @bryan I appreciate the kind word attention :+1::innocent:. … Health has stabilized, however it’s not the main reason I was “off radar”…

Had to make bankrupsy this summer and my tablet went “bezerk”… Did not have the “dough” to repair it and also had to down sized my internet forfait, so, long story…

Every thing seems to go as plan for you too , lol :sweat_smile: :wink: :innocent: :v:

They look awesome :eyes::heart_eyes: and healthy :+1::ok_hand:, my friend :grinning:

Did’nt have bugs issues this time ! ?


No bugs this time, but last time the ladybugs got sucked inside my air pump intake filter. Sure was fun tho.


Lol :sweat_smile:, I can easily visualize the mess , must be hours of fun ! :wink::sweat_smile:


got my first dab rig after watching @ktreez420 tutorial the other day. Then made my first bho from some WWA. My eyes went fuzzy after both hits. Thinking I did too much


I love it dude! When I take big dabs I immediately know because I can feel it behind my eyes lol, and then I’ll tear up and I’m not be able to hold my eyes open, they won’t open fully for a minute. Sounds terrible, but it’s amazing haha!



2 of the dabs we’re Way too big, could not describe it better than you. But I knew right away, lol. Just got back from the head shop with extra goodies and 2 more bottles. Made some bho-coated papers and rolled 4 joints, first one lasted since last night. I have been using a pollen shaker for months and saving the old stash. Just ran some of the used stuff. Cannot believe how much bho still in it. The quart jar full will keep me in oil for many weeks. Wheeeeee, it’s been since the 70s that I was too high. New rule- yes you can be too stoned to drive.


Mailman brought me 12 new 4 inch airstones, put 2 in each bucket.


Happy day, FedEx just showed up with 1800 watt cob led (335 true) for my 40 X 40 inch X 8ft flower area. It now has 2 plants that fill it, with tallest one now up to my chin. So I have new light over one, 1000 watt (275 true) over the other one, and supplemental 4 cfl 200 watt bulbs (each bulb is 45 true watts). The other 1000 watter was replaced by cob, so I added it into the 3ft X 5ft X 5ft veg area. It has 3 plants and now with 1000 watt centered between 2 Marshydro 600s (275 true). So veg are has 3 lights, one for each plant. Plus a side light t5. Whew, sorry for rambling.

. 7 lights and 5 plants, that’s not too much, is it ? Lol


happy day is so right…this journal keeps getting more exciting all the time!!

the plants looked great, now we’ll see awesome :wink:


The plant on right side is a Mega-Jackpot from sister site. Standing 5 foot high in her bucket, and still stretching. That is after I cut off her roots cuz of rot, did Florakleen flush as @donald instructed, on a @ktreez420 transplant technique, and @peachfuzz always constructive and inspiring encouragements. Picking everyone’s brains for 10 months is starting to pay off. Too many people to mention from here have taught me. IOU


Well, between upgrade to larger airstones and adding lights to veg and grow areas, I get up this morning and 3 of my 5 dwc buckets have only 1 inch of water in bottom of buckets. I didn’t check level yesterday. Seems the lights have raised grow room temps in veg area to low 90’s, so between rapid growth, new lights & stones, water use/evaporation rates have doubled since the changes. Also did a neem spray to all 5 of the gals, keep getting rust fungus; probably cuz of sealed room & no real outside air except the AC unit.


Picked up some sulfur at Walmart. Label says 30% sulfur, 70% inert ingredients. Well, the sulfur was flat, while other is round. The round stuff rolled away, leaving straight sulfur. Lol, I used a time-proven technique of separating well known to all smokers of 70s pot. Then I lit a teaspoon full on back porch to test it and totally gassed out the whole area. How much was I supposed to use? That much fumigated the backyard.


Damn! You’re becoming like a mad scientist! LOL! (A stoned mad scientist . . .?) :smile:


I was wondering how your sulfur treatment worked out for the rust spots?..$100+ is a big investment tho the long term benefits are there.


something is working. Bag of sulfur was ten bucks at Walmart for enough to do a sulfur burn at every forum member grow for the next year. Did sulfur burn, then light mist of neem oil. I just put 5 of the sulfur pieces on top of old cat food can and lit them with micro-torch. Burned for about 2 minutes, smoked the room out. The neem leaves a very thin glaze over the leaves. I believe the acidic ph changes kill fungi


that seems simple enough…I’m hoping it works out for your problem…from what I’ve read, controlling the amount of sulfur can be difficult, timing of application is important and maybe repeated uses will be necessary

continued good response with the treatment!


Had to cover the lights with plastic trash bags. On Top of MarsHydro 600 is a sticker that says not to use sulfur around leds. The neem oil glaze is visible, think I am supposed to repeat around each 2 weeks to prevent reoccurrence.


I’ve never used sulfur, but what I have seen seems to be repeat sooner than two weeks, depending on why, prevention or cure…


Great link… Probably just repeat neem oil and cross my fingers.


Months ago I asked at hydro store about Remo brand nutrients. Next time I went in, he told me his supplier had trouble getting them and they were unavailable. So today, I go in and he says “Weren’t you the guy asking about Remo?”. So out of nowhere, he brings out a sample pack of 7 different products, each a 1 liter bottle. Said his supplier dropped them off. Gave me the entire line for free. Plan is to run 1 5gal bucket using complete line. Their website has a cool nutrient dose calculator too. I put 1 Chocolope, 1 Amnesia Haze ILGM seed into 6 inch rockwool today. Plus cut a couple Blue Dream clones.