Hydro, playin around


Man, what an expensive screw-up. Just broke 2 pH meters. The glass bulb on end of probes shattered when they went from room temp into my newly cooled reservoirs.


Got my new 792 g/hr water pump today. After many trials, I have it working. I attached a hose to water intake and put opposite end into 5 gallon bucket. Then hooked water output onto copper coil that is in bucket of ice. Ran line from ice bucket back to 5 gallon bucket. It circulates nute solution thru copper coil, then back to res. Took 10 minutes to get bucket temp from 77 to 67. All I do is put both hose ends into dwc and turn pump on.


Depending on your set up , you should only have to run pump for a half hour every 4 hours… that will help to keep things cool also… :wink:
I will be tagging you in on my new set up here real soon… finally got everything up and running in my veg and clone area and started taking pictures , so I should be able to get some stuff up soon… :wink:

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looking forward to seeing your newest version of excellence. wishing I could do outdoors, tossed about 50 potential clones today, and cut down another 4 foot tall plant. It was supposed to be auto, but never flowered after 80 days and was growing like a male. Plus I needed the room for my Blue Dream and Purple Haze


Could you tag me as well @peachfuzz


Will do… :wink:

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You will appreciate my new thrift store find. 20 bucks for a bathtub jacuzzi. Air pump from Hades. Thinking I see a new bigger res in my near future.


Off to amazon I go… can we get a picture of it in action… :wink:

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Will as soon as a get a reservoir big enough to hold the dang thing. The bubbler is 40 inches by 12 inches, lol.


Cut roots 16 days ago, following @Donaldj instructions I did Florakleen flush. Now roots are back with a vengeance, plants stretching like a yoga instructor.

. New concern is what happened to the last leaf pic?? Have had it before and not sure.


it seems to be that any time the plant go’s through a growth spurt there will be some kind of nutrient burn or deficiency. I like to call it growing pains, the roots look strong and healthy :smile:


It doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before on this site or in the deficiency charts. The yellow doesn’t scratch off does it?


more like a brown color to it than yellow. definitely does not scratch off. 50 dabs to whoever knows what it is…


Wow!! Scrolled up to see if by chance you put up pics of the chopped roots! And to my delight you did,you awesome person you.
The growth on those roots are insane :astonished:, awesome $$$$


Leaf spot rust or just (leaf spot fungis)

Sulfer burner is best control if not it would be Calcium :wink: but I’m cheating


Leaf Spot Rust it is. Been thinking Ca for long time, but was just not quite right. Thanks for the help!! Will figure out cheap way to do it, burners are way expensive.


Sulfer burners are an excellent investment they work for mold bugs fungi mildew so it would get used more often than you would think, biggest problem is the spores which attach to everything once it’s there it can come back to haunt grow after grow for months :wink:



So I ordered an 1800 watt (338 True) COB LED, total of 6 bulbs. Grow area 40 in X 40 in. Currently flower area has 2 1000 watt (275 true) full spectrum. Hopefully I can just add it to space, ending up with 3 lights for 2 plants. Just hope it is not too hot and they work ok next to each other.


. Currently have 2 in flower area and 3 in veg area . Hey @Niala good to see ya feeling a bit better.