Hydro, playin around



Tomato on L, mj tiny clone on R. Used newborn sock as net in tea half gal btl. So far, so good


Very interesting idea! Good for you!


Pretty cool , I like it…



It’s definitely thinking out side the box :package: here
Good luck with it


very budget friendly, and use of materials with your imagination I love it👍


Now that’s using your imagination .
Good for you bryan.
Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.



I know those little pure leaf bottles make a great throw away bong for the fishing trip


LOL, Fishermen always at least catch a buzz.


I always make a tin foil pipe to fish with.


Those are for road trips wrap aluminum foil around a pencil and crimp one end to make a one hitter that is easy to dump


Still playin. 10 inch square plastic container with 1 1/2 inch Clay pebbles on bottom. 6 inch grodan block. I left out a plug and put a WWA seed down the Center hole another 1 1/2 inch. Did that on Feb 14. After much babying, the roots came out bottom. I started to only feed into the bucket last week and topped them 2 days ago


Love it, I have been looking into this myself but don’t have the experience or I thought space to do it till the other day I saw someone with I think either 4 or 6 plants in a cooler but yours is very clever, well done be interesting to see how this goes


@Darren the plant is less than 4 weeks from seed. I fill the bottom up about 2 inches, which soaks bottom half inch of grodan. The next day I use a wet vac and suck all the nutrients Then fill it up again 2 days later. When I planted it that way, the roots were out the bottom of the 6 inch grodan block and an inch long in ten days. I have 5 of them with WWA’s. I have another plant I am doing the same way that I have topped twice so far, but it is not an auto. It is about 4 1/2 weeks from seed. I’ll post it too.



Thanks buddy I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one with great interest, I’m really interested in the hydro technique


glad to help, but I don’t really think what I am doing with these is an actual Technique or not. Never really heard of it done quite like that. Seems to be working, and a really inexpensive way to get your feet wet (pun intended). buck for the bucket at dollar tree, 5 bucks for the Grodan block, 1 1/2 inches in bottom of clay pebbles -1 buck. They are doing well, so I have a dozen now in a 3ftx5ft.


My WWAS are now 31 days from seed. For second grow I switched nutes. How is progress, not used to this bushy. All were topped once at 14 days


@peachfuzz @ktreez420 @Donaldj Hey guys, it it possible to have intermodal spacing too close? This is a first for me with this tight spacing. Not sure if I have overloaded them with light.


More nodes = more buds… :+1::wink:

:v: :sunglasses: