Hydro ph problems

5 gallon bucket perfect ph nut hydroguard cal mag silica karma ph keeps jumping to 7.0 water 66f

White widow
5 gallon bucket
Ppm 392
Sunrise 1000 watt ×2
72 lights on 65 lights off
365 co2 bag
Nut’s ph perfect micro grow bloom cal mag silica karma

Its probably caused by the silica karma, I don’t use silica so im not 100% sure but I think it drives the ph up


I have to agree with boardsbird, I think silica powder has raised my pH also, but it’s not a problem since I use it sparingly. Perhaps try less and see if it stabilizes somewhat.
I don’t use cal-mag therefore that could also be neutralizing the acid. Most metals do.

Ok I’ll try that thax

I just use a and b mix with booster when in flower then check ph reading and adjust see how it goes on harvest day

How much of the silica are you using. It will definitely raise your pH level. I use GH Armor Si. Add your silica to your water before anything else, then once you finish mixing everything up, adjust your pH if necessary

1/4 straight botanicare silica

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I don’t understand 1/4. How many ml/gal

1ml per gallon

I’m just going to mix the micro grow and bloom and hydroguard without the others

Are you adjusting pH after you mix?

Yes add nut’s to ro water then ph

I’m in hydro at 8wks of flower. I’m having issues with pH dropping. Just have to keep check on pH level and adjust accordingly

I grow in soil but trying dwc 4 frist time something different

Just mixed up new batch see if it works no cai mag no karma no silica just ph perfect micro grow and bloom and hydroguard ph to 5.8

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Are you using an air stone in your bucket or just a "bubble bucket? I got away from the 5 gallon buckets because it is difficult to get accurate PH readings and give the girls the water/nutrients they need.

Are you using distilled or R/O water? If so then it should hold fairly well. I use Armor Si and it also drives my PH up. Having plenty of air flow and a standing reservoir to buffer things helps too (RDWC).

@Grandaddy013 You said you are at 8 weeks of flower and your PH drops, more than likely thats because the plants drink more water and use less nutrient per water ratio. the nutrients drop ph but water will raise it.

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What is your nute mix? Any organics or sugars? If so you could be getting pH drops from microorganisms growing in your bucket.