Hydro or dirt growing which is best

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This is literally the best group I’ve ever found!! Got a light question I’ve got 40 square feet, and if 50 watts per 10 sq , so 2000 watts wil be sufficient and how far from canopy should lights be during each stage , also when I water these hempy pots should nutrients be used daily or weekly I also apologize I’m trying to keep all my questions together, I appreciate you all!!

I built a pretty effective day watering system for my indoor coco grow. I just have to fill the reservoir every few days but I check ph every day. Works great. I’m going to do same setup for all tents maybe out of a single larger reservoir this next grow. I can share the setup when interested


Depends on the medium. Nutrients every watering for coco, I believe. I feed my soil plants every watering but I didn’t need to when I started watering at first - eventually your plant uses all the nutes in the soil.

Your light manufacturer should have recommendations. I suggest starting with those recs and adjusting up or down based on how the plant responds.


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Hey hope y’all are well! Got another question on hempy bucket … when I put the rock wool seedling into the coco I understand that you water it until fluid runs out the hole and check periodically the weight and when it’s bout 1/2 the full weight water again, 1 is this watering always with nutrients on every watering or a schedule like plain water and then a watering of nutrients , and 2 the runoff that comes out the hole is that reusable or toss it on the garden? Thanks again guys n gals