Hydro nutes, aeroponics dabbling and failed DWC


Soon after starting my first ever attempt at a grow, (WW in soil w/ organic nutes), I won a box of sample pack nutes and other miscellaneous grow items that were given away at a grow house raffle.
It was during this time I also ended up with extra starter plants as well as some gifted clones. Needless to say, I now had a tent full of shoots and plants to deal with. Long story made shorter… tried a DWC experiment and had failure for a few mistakes I later learned about here.
I would like to try aeroponic type garden such as @Donaldj has presented. For my nutes, I have two choices from my box of goodies. I’m wondering if anyone can adivise me of a direction.
I received the complete ElitE 5 part nutrient plan(a, b, c, d w/ root igniter) or
I also have (2)complete Heavy16 nutrient plans. All three are recommended are for hydro, is either one a better fit for aero?


If they are made for hydro either would work about the same look at which schedule is less complicated to use


@Donaldj what type of water pumps do you use for building your aero set-up?
Thx, GM.


I have a couple little giant pond pumps