Hydro-Noob Question

Hey all,

This group has provided me with some excellent tips as a new grower. My first two grows have been with soil and gone fairly well considering. Now I’m looking to transition to a hydro setup. I’ve been doing some shopping and I’m looking at the Viagrow system. It come with 4 buckets, 6” net pots, medium, air and water pumps for about $200. I was wondering what systems you all would recommend and any addition tips you might have for me.

Thanks in advance!

The setup looks alright for starting out.

I would add a water pump in the resivoir with lines to the growth pails pumping the water to pails. That would make the water return through lower line to the resivoir keeping the water mixed and more stable.
I believe without an added water pump there would be bad ph fluctuations and improper amount of nutrients to the plants.

You can actually look around and buy totes and lines and build your own.

Search web for do it yourself hydroponics rdwc


Thanks. Would that be an ebb and glow system? I was looking at DWC.

I am using a self built Aeroponic system, and they seem to be working pretty well.

I can walk you through building one if you want, it’s pretty easy. These are just over one month.


I can tell you everything you need to make this happen if you’d like, along with do’s and don’t’s from what I’ve learned so far.
Today mine are 3 weeks old.

I’m sure there may be better. But this is really working out good for me.

If I can help, feel free to give me a shout.


That’s a nice set up! What kind of lights?

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I have a @dbrn32 light… lol he helped me build it about a year and a half ago. It’s a 24” x 24” sheet of aluminum with 14 light strips and this driver.

I would think there might be better things now.


Still pretty damn good


@dbrn32 is that light pulling about 288 watts? Is that how I figure that? 2.4amp x 120v
I’m still lovin it! :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Also could I possibly get away with one light for my 40” x 60” grow area?
I have another one, I’m just unsure about the electricity. I have everything on a 120v 20amp gfci circuit breaker.


Probably more like 220 or so watts. The 2.4 is absolute maximum, you are probably a little less.

For a 40"x60" you would ideally run 3 if them. But nothing wrong with giving 2 a shot. The two lights probably fine if you don’t have ac or large dehumidifier on it.


Aeroponic includes fish, right? I’ve always thought that would be amazing.

Actually aquaponics uses fish, Aeroponics is about air/water mix. A chunk of the roots hangs in the air and is sprayed with a sprayer system.


Oh right. DWC appealed to me because it seems easy and uses less energy. Do your pumps run constantly?

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I do 60 on, 60 off. I also added air stones to speed up root growth.

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DWC is easy if your just going to add water and nutes. But let me ask this, are you planning on doing a scrog or just let them grow?
If using a scrog how are you gonna change water and such. I had to think about what happens when the scrog is on, and the plants are tied to the scrog, how am I gonna lift the top to change the water. If you do a dwc, use the totes that will hold more water.
You will still grow good in 5 gal buckets but will it fit your growing methods easily? Just something to think about. You got this!

This is valid in a DC circuit but in AC you have to calculate the phase angle. Wattage will be a bit less as a result.

I would suggest using 3" net baskets because they don’t hang so low in the buckets, reducing capacity. You actually can’t have too large a rez or enough air haha.

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I would suggest using 3" net baskets

Yeah thanks @Myfriendis410 that’s a lesson I learned after the fact… lol
It’s gonna be ok. we’ll be strong…lol

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