Hydro miscalculation

Don’t really need help. I just want to vent a bit. My hydro system was going very well except for a couple of mistakes.

  1. Let my plants veg too long. Not they are up too close to my lights. Sigh. Not much I can do here but ride it out as best I can and super crop the colas that are too close.
  2. Massive root ball slowed flow of return water to the control res enough to cause a problem. I was using a 800 liter per minute pump to send water to the grow stations via a 3/4" hose. Proved to be too much coming in with passive return 2" PVC line. With massive root ball the “out flow” was to the point I got a small leak near the input hose. Not a problem. Dropped levels a tad and switched over to a 400 LPM pump.

Live an learn I guess. Next grow I already have the corrections to my problems worked out. I will just have to finish up on my Super Lemon Haze and Purple haze plants then make the adjustments.

I used STS to get some pollen from a Purple Haze clone. STS was easy to make and use. I have a ton of pollen pods on the treated plant. Plan is to mix 4:1 with flour and store in small test tubes in the freezer. Thanks to others for sharing their projects.

Growing NEVER gets boring that is for sure!!


You have any pics? I’m asking cuz I’m sure you can top them and they’ll be fine. @AAA I’m not 100% but didnt you top your tall ladies that were getting to tall for the backyard?

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Oh we are past that now!! :rofl::woozy_face:
Posting pictures might force ILGM to ban me in disgust!! Seriously I will pull good bud out still. Along with monster plants I have monster colas, but the high growth is blocking light so that is more of the issue. I added some light and am content to ride it out. Thanks @Beezy745 for the suggestion though.
Always really appreciate the great folks on this site.


I missed my flip date by about 2 weeks and now I’m in the same boat so to speak. Probably gonna have colas on the two sativa dominate hybrids that might need to be super cropped a bit after stretching. Will that be okay a few weeks into flower. I’m really worried about stressing the plant that late in the game. Definitely don’t need Herm around…

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Honestly I’m not sure but maybe @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @Hogmaster might have a solution.

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Thanks, but no worries. Not trying to hijak someone’s post. It was originally a ‘venting’ post to begin with. I happened to have a similar situation, and was sharing the venting. Lol

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My bad lol you’re right tho sorry @Reticence

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Is it weird that I want to see it more now?


No cuz I do too! Lol


It didn’t happen if we can’t see it


No worries! Let the vent thread be open to all who suffer!!! :slight_smile:


suggest you bend them over as fast as possible. this will stop the burning tips and give you many sites for cola production.

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Any images so that one can see it so one can really understand whats really going on with them. It’s not possible to say anthing like that!!