Hydro London Blackout 8 1/2 weeks into flower

Are the yellowing dry leaves from too much nitrogen or something else?

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Are you measuring and managing runoff PPM and pH? If so, what are the current measurements? I expect that your pH is low and your PPM is high.

No runoff it’s a loop with a tank but ph is 6.4 ppm is 1600

Hydro or DWC?

Hydro. It’s in expanded clay balls with constant water flo from the top. 6 inches expanded clay then 18 inches air 2 inches of water pools at the bottom before it gravity feeds back to the tank.

Your target pH is 5.8. A pH above 6.2 in hydro risks lockout of potassium, phosphorous, calcium, manganese, iron, and boron.

Your PPM is a little high.

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Thanks I appreciate it.