Hydro-ILGM Blue Dream


Started seed inside the middle of 6 inch rockwool block. Kept block in plastic container. Roots hit bottom of container and spread out. Today it went inside 6 inch square netpot and 5 gal bucket


Those roots are beautiful! You’re doing something right, keep up the great work. I’ll be paying attention, I may try hydro growing yet!


I’ll be following along, and looking for a smoke report in the future lol.

The original blue dream is supposedly only available via clone. I’ve heard Humboldts are pretty good, so I’m very interested in how this grow turns out for you. Best of luck!


To me, it’s worth it to be able to see your roots whenever you want. I planted a Purple Haze seed at same time as BD, it came up 3 days after.


@bryan yeah as far as the roots go it’s kind of a guess in fabric soil parts. Roots do tell a lot about the health of your plant.


I’ll be curious to see how these turn out. I’ll be growing some blue dream this fall (not hydro)


BD needed some barbering. Cleaned up lower leaves and fimmed her yesterday. Nice and perky this morning.


She’s come a long way since fim 10 days ago and is growing faster than Purple Haze that sprouted 3 days after her.


I can’t believe how fast this Blue Dream has gone from seed to this since August 1. Seeing one grow this quickly is new to me. I keep fimming over and over trying to keep it short cuz nowhere to put it in flower area, and it keeps disagreeing with me and getting thicker and taller.


Gave BD a serious crewcut with res change. Took off most of everything except the ends. Did same to Purple Haze on right end, and White Queen on left.


BD is growing faster than any other seed I planted. Buddy I gave seeds to says same thing at his grow. He prefers to raise clones, so I plan to cut off 6 lower branches and gift them under the old Popeye saying of “I’LL gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today.”.

. If you haven’t already started a line at ILGM checkout to get these seeds, don’t wait. Fastest growing ever and USA top strain. Combo makes for a big smile on my face.


cut off 6 lower branches tonight, ended up gifting them. Buddy made 15 clones.


Just took 2 bigass clones, so total of 8 lower branches gone in last 24 hrs. Put them into 4 inch rockwool cubes.


BD roots have overgrown 5 gallon bucket and bucket is dry in 48 hours. So much for weekly nute changes. Plan is 27 gal res and scrog. Busy reinventing the wheel to get it done.


here she is in new home. switch to 12/12. 6 branches tied down nd waiting on a net


you have been busy…it’s obvious the love for your plants and they are responding, looking good!


what nutrient’s are you using?


I use mostly General Hydroponic line with Silicon, CalMag on this one. I do add Hydroguard; have been using that plus microbe brew, but ran out of it. Will only be using hydroguard for rest of grow. @kabongster Really I was just trying to figure out how to switch BD into more water. I put only roots into res, adding about 8 more gallons to res volume.


Moved BD into large res, added net and finally let her grow in 12/12.