Hydro drip irrigation: what nutrients to use?

Hey guys need some help… I am just getting into hydro and just transplanted my first grow. I am using a Flora Flex drip irrigation system. It’s set up to recirculate the nutrient filled water throughout.
I was using the Bergman’s Stage 2 Growtime but ran out because I grossly underestimated how much water I need for the system to run a continuous flow.
I only used it once so I don’t think switch up will do any damage.
Looking for nutrients that are geared more towards hydro and feeding with nutrient enriched water, instead of feeding nutrients separately.

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25lb or 5lb bags of
Jack’s part A
Calcium nitrate (can be found all sort of places Jack’s also sells it as part B)
Magnesium sulfate (also known as Epson salts can be found anywhere and jacks also sells it)
Small bag of MKP (used for 2-4 weeks as a booster in flower)

Also get a silica product.

A microbe product will help but is not needed (big difference in root growth) my recommendation for dollar value for results is Fishhead Farms Fishsh!t