Hydro does and don't hydro for dummies

Once you start to grow some root mass I’m thinking there going to dam up flow and this could lead to big problems. Here’s something to think about .You could use the res. and find a top ebb & flow table to fit it and a few pot for table. Their a nice set up . Kinda like the old Ronco set it and forget it.:cactus:

I’m not saying you couldn’t veg in that system . You just won’t be able to for very long. Think of it this way what you see on top leaves stem’s etc. it’s almost double in root zone.

I’m not trying to veg more than 2 weeks in this system either going see of green or a couple autos spaced.

Got ya . Well if it don’t work for ya the ebb & flow set up will work and your still using most everything you bought. Thought I’d throw that out there as an option. @latewood was right about the meter those babies aren’t cheap. You’ll love it make’s keeping an eye on things real easy.

Going to get a 55 gall set up with 10 buckets on the 1st of Dec.

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That’ll grow up some nice lady’s.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know can’t wait… I can’t wait to see what hydro is like. Never would have started if it wasn’t for this deal.

I’ll let you in on something in hydro that is really really important and that is water temp. Your going to want to keep you water temp’s around 65 to 70 degree. If water get’s to warm it can lead to root rot. :cactus:

@Usmcjojo .give you a solid ,take that pump out of the control res mount to the out side .it’ll lower your temp a couple of degrees …

It is doable but as i said they would have to be small plants from clone maybe 1-2 weeks of veg 8-9" when you flip them single kolas may hit 15"-17" by end of flower this actually very similar to what flooded the market for a while during early 2000 in Vancouver. Grows were set up using stadium style units rows of small plants tightly packed Sea of Green fast turn overs not large yields but none the less successful because they never get large root mass they have to be fed lower ppms I am actually going with a similar approach but in DWC

@Hammer @Donaldj that’s what I was going to do for small sog style also hammer I think I can mount outside without mods I will try tomorrow.

Good deal.

@Hammer how you feeling bro? I know things will never be the same or get any easier but I got your back.

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Ok guys gonna start growing soon so look for my blog

@Usmcjojo. Will be watching for it .:grin:

@Aquaponic_Dumme would be a great help also being he owns and run a hydro store I believe , but you have the right crew to help you get through this experience , but if I was you I would by several note books and a pack of pens and write every detail , trick , training , nutrient mix information down so you can have that information for years to come , cause all those guys have numerous experience and they all have different techniques that can really benefit you if you learn to apply them in a simple fashion . Can’t wait and after they get you on the right track , maybe I can come back to you later to help me lol !!!


Sounds good @yoshi

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Don’t want to sound dumb, but I just got a hydro system and wondering what you do with the net cups when you’re messing with the water

Ok like when I clean the system to sanitize? I get two 5 gallon buckets and I put some bleach about 1 shallow cap full and 3% peroxide a couple of squirts of that. Put the pellets in one and net cups in the other let em soak for an hour then rinse and dry put back. If your talking about in between like for water change I can’t answer that because it’s my first hydro grow so I will figure it out on the fly I guess.

that greatly depends on your system if you use a central res and recirculate it or pump it through pots then you typically have a drain hose or pump to drain system. Or if you use single DWC buckets you can simply exchange buckets placing bucket with fresh nutes beside and transfering net pot and roots into it