Hydro does and don't hydro for dummies

Just got a hydro set up need to know all the basics. Nute mixing and all just want some helpful tips.Hopefully this can help everyone just starting out with hydro. @ktreez420 @latewood @Hammer and anyone else that has any input.


This could be an interesting topic i will try and help you draw some more interest @kabongster did a successful DWC grow with excellent results using a less is more approach and taking his time with a bit of consultation and support. I can give you some tips but would need to know more about your setup buckets drip irrigation NFT DWC eb&flow? Nutrient mixing is fairly simple do you have testers for ppm ph ec? if so do you also have calibration solutions to match the testers and back ups


@Donaldj thanks bro this is my system.

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I Used DWC during my last grow 15 gal totes with 2 plants in each air pumps for each unit had decent results though was plagued by bugs seen the potential pros and cons. I see you are using the GH hydro farm kit air lift drip irrigation aswell as an ebb&flow system I assume you have a degree of experience in hydro or you would be keeping things simple lmao

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I seriously debated NFT grow in my new space but budget constraints

We really need to know what type of system you bought. What nutrients did you buy? Cannot make recommendations without this information.

I do love the waterfarm set up for beginners./ Great system but, I did not see where that is what you have.

I look ofr you to provide more info and we will help you get started on the right track. :slight_smile:

Sorry @Donaldj had some guests over last night. I have never grown hydro before the only reason I chose this system is because I got everything include nutes light and table for 100 bucks. That’s why I need all the help I can get.

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@latewood thanks for the help I have a gh aeroflo 20 with two air buckets it came with the flora series and flora duo series nutes I also got mammoth p rapid start and hydroguard. It came with a pH,ppm and temp monitor.


Do you think you can find this system on Amazon and give us a link to it. That is a great price. I hope it can handle the job. (Want to see pictures) :slight_smile:

I googled the Aero 20. That system is designed to grow lettuce but, I think We can help you get through a grow with it.

I don’t understand what you meant; Flora series and flora duo series. ??? I would think you only need one. I think I am getting the picture. You bought this used from someone and got a lot of stuff…right?

I am an expert on GH 3-part which is flora series… That is all you need. The hydroguard is useful as well. You have multi-metere/s, so what is PH and TDS or EC of your water? You will need to buy PH down, and possibly PH up, before you start.

thats correct @latewood the pictures are in the messages above thats my rig. I got this rig for a 100 bucks came with everthing i have a huge pump bottle of up and down that it came with. I havent set it up for growing yet right now i just cleaned it and im running lots of peroxide through it because guy had algae and brown slime. monday it will be a week and i will change the water out and clean it again. but without altering my water is at 6.3 and ppm is 230 temp is 71 i know that needs to be under 68 when i grow. thanks for the help also i plan to grow 10 ww autos stagered 8 in the pots and 2 in the buckets. i plan on keeping the 8 short through lst.

Here is my readings so far

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This is the inside of the resivoir still has a lot of junk in the system but a lot less than when I cleaned it.

That is all expensive equipment. The meter is several hundred, and that is a mag drive pump. Nice. I am looking forward to seeing what turns up :slight_smile:


Thanks man yeah I knew I was getting a deal but didn’t know I was robbing the guy. I feel bad about bringing him down to a hundred now. I am excited too I can’t wait I know I’m gonna have lots of questions come on white widow seeds!!!

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More of an nft style system water runs in the out of unit very small space for root mass so long veg is not really an option SOG small plants and lots of them I hope you are good at cloning

Going to keep my plants small want to do 6 in there and 2 in the buckets

Got this stuff with my system too does it work should I add(florakleen) it to the resivoir right now with my peroxide and water to clean the system.

That’s the rest of the stuff

Hey @Usmcjojo I’ve got to agree with @Donaldj your not going to have anof room to build root mass. When you harvest your strawberry kush and pull that root ball out of them pots you’ll see what we mean. That being said for all you got for a C-note that was a steal. :cactus:

Not even if I only use 6 pots and space them?after what my plants have gone through I know these plants can surprise you.