Hydro Crunch Bud Bowl Trimmer

I have an opportunity to acquire one of these.

Hydro Crunch Bud Trimmer

Has anyone used one? Any comments on if it is good or bad? Pros, Cons?

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I have one it works good just don’t over feel

is it worth the money? 50 bucks? I didn’t know if it would save enough time or not.

I’ve got a 19” ipower bowl trimmer.
I’m picky about trimming. Bowl trimmers chop everything off at the same level, but not close enough. So all my good buds get hand trimmed.

It does save me a lot of time with larf and popcorn.

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Dank, man that really helps.

Thanks a million!

My hands cramp alot that’s y i got Mine now i can do 1 plant in a few hours compared to 1 plant in 2 days

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When you got a few plants to do. Yeah I can see where this would help! @Kenken

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