Hydro bubbler system

I have a 1200w cob led and a 4x4x6.5 foot grow space with proper intake and ventilation.

My hydro setup will be as follows:
18 gal reservoir
Lid has one 5" net pot with gravel (I only want to start with one for now)
100w water heater (68F-70F)
Two 12" air stones
T-air fitting
40 gal air pump (doubled size of reservoir)
Air hose 1/4"

And that’s my bubbler setup, what do you all think?
Also adding a pump and a drip kit will be in the next phase too.

My nutrients will be GH flora 3-part, hydroguard, and calmag+, are there any other nutrients REQUIRED for hydro?

Also my reason for one plant in this system is because I have noticed a 5 gal DWC is almost too small for the root mass of a fully mature flowering plant. I want to document my progress from seed to harvest using just this bubbler with one plant. I’m curious :thinking:


Hydro growth can have iron deficiency , from what I read, so , I think @Aquaponic_Dumme recommand this


~Al :v: :innocent:

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Well you have me very interested in what you’re trying to do… I can show you what I’m doing which is similar to what you’re doing… but then again it’s totally different I think… so post some pics of what you’re doing and I will post some pics of some stuff that I am doing and we will see if we can do something cool together …what do you say… :wink:

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@AmnesiaHaze, unless your water temps are below60f don’t use that heater .



Looks good ! …& one plant sounds like a good start. You might want to reconsider the drip system, it may be okay for smaller plants but once the roots are established you won’t need it

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Well from my part of town the mineral content is pretty high I’m sure iron is not scarce in my tap :+1:

@peachfuzz I’m not sort of set up just yet I’m still gathering all my materials, I will post when I am ready sir, I know it’s rude to not post but I’m working on it. I have so much planned :smiling_imp:

@Hammer great tip thanks man, no heater unless water temps below 60, what about a chiller, when is it needed?

@Paranorman yes a drip add on would be in the works, not sure if it is beneficial along with bubbleponics :thinking:

Thanks for all the replies everyone, anyone else care to share some sort of experienced knowledge gained with bubble reservoirs? :+1::v:️:call_me_hand:

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@AmnesiaHaze, only if the water temps go over 68 F


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Thanks for the advice @hammer you rock

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