Hydro air pumps

does anyone have any thoughts on how much air for a six bucket system is optimal . I would like to use 4" stones in the bottom of each bucket. question is how many gph would be good, and is more better ? …. second ? is can you drop the seedling in rockwool right into the middle of clay pellets and be ready to go. I know you need to water until the roots reach the level of nutrients. third ? should I use anything else besides the clay nuggets.

I think the 950 gph is the smallest and will work just fine in veg… when I flip to flower I use the 1175 gph just for a lil extra air…
I use the medium air stones …
Also remember to always have a back up pump when running hydro… :wink:


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I run 4 med round stones 2 ea. in 2 buckets with a 8 outlet Hydrofarm Active Aqua and still could use more pressure.
And on the seedling, you should just keep it in a rookwool cube in a germination tray keeping it warm with high humidity till roots appear on the bottom of cube (No hurry) then carefully transfer cube to hydroton in a bucket-top net basket." I keep mine in a cloner for 1.5 weeks to really let the roots grow" Make sure the netpot is about 2" above the water line letting the popping bubbles wet the hydroton watering the seedling.“No need to top-water seedling”
Please follow my grow Journal. Just dropped a seed in water today and will be documenting it in grow
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I don’t like the 4" air stones - they don’t seem to generate as much air as the 2" ones IMHO. Just an observation, not a fact. :wink:

I use a 950gph pump with a six site manifold - my calculation is to run one air stone for every 4 gallons of water. So in a 5 gallon bucket I run one… I have successfully run a grow with 6 five gallon buckets with a single 2" air stone in each without any issues. In the bigger totes I’ve been using lately, I use two 2" air stones in my 14 gallon totes (they hold 8 gallons of water with the net pots in).

When it comes to air in your reservoir more is better… but you can have too much of a good thing. :wink:

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ty …. I will use your information

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I run 4x2" airstones off a 8 outlet pump “They rock and roll”