Hydro-Air Bubbler just for grins


I found a bathtub jacuzzi the other day at thrift store. Ended up dismantling and removed half of it. Now it fits in the new 27 gallon res. Has 2 speeds and on high the bubbles splash upwards 2 -3 inches. I keep looking at it and laughing, those bubbles are insane. Now I have to figure out what to do with a Aerohydrofogbubbleponic res with a Jacuzzi motor. @peachfuzz


!@#$in A! Looks powerful haha


No clue, but I know someone with hydroponic/aeroponic experience will chime in at any moment!


That’s pretty bad a$$… :wink:
I’m going to start lookin for one of them bad boys… :wink:
Thanks for the pics my friend… :wink:

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But what the heck do I do with it


You should be able to figure out a way to find a t and make the other side work as well so you have 2 flower Chambers… :wink:

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I’m at work right now but I’ll put up some pics of things you can do in a lil while when I get off… :wink:

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I can see the instructions now.lol, keep the water 4 inches below your netpots


LOL I find it awesome but then that part of my mind that goes micro bubbles are where it’s at kicks in I suspect it would work best as a modified aero set up splashing roots more than DWC in order to get o2 into water nano/micro bubbles are far more effective :slight_smile: I would give it a try either way can’t hurt to try and may work just fine just my text book thinking making me look at cons


Thats cool…creative minds! I saw a free tanning bed on the clist tonight, and can’t help but wonder what kind of light hook up that could be made into.


That’s awesome ,


that is some serious oxygenation there!!! @bryan


I just love how the wonderful minds on this forum work scary sometimes but I often sit and think jezzz that’s a great idea :bulb:
Keep is posted @bryan nothing wrong with thinking outside the box that’s where great things start :+1:
Happy growing :cowboy_hat_face: :v:️ CB


got me wondering also…Stand it on end and use it for side lighting, lol.


I have an old Conair foot jacuzzi thing lol, I’m about to take it apart now @bryan!!



Let us know how it turns out. Maybe we can “air out” the differences. I was wondering if my old ionizer/ozone generator would add co2?


Well, Tree… Did ya get your creative juices flowing?


Ionizers and ozone generators are not good for you or your grow room…typically people install them on their exhaust systems to help with smell… I’ve seen some people use them on the air inlets to their rooms also to help with bugs and supposedly cleaner air, but I would not recommend it… :wink:

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Thanks Peach. Been wondering about if it adds anything good to the air.