Hydro 5 gallon bucket FEED HELP

Im using 5 gallon bucket for hydroponic dwc… im using fox farm products for hydro bucket. Big bloom and the the veg one. I just been following this chart for feeding with fox farm products. Am i expose to feed once a week or twice a week?? Im comfused cause now i hear people sayimg feed twice a weed instead of one time feed a week! Whats better for feed and i realized she been sucking water down to bottom every like 3 days she in 2 week of bloom i jlhave to refill her bucket like twice a week.

without knowing more about your hydro setup I am going to tell you to keep your water level up using the nutrient mix for that week… that is a good thing if she is drinking that much

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Like i fill the bucket up to 4 gallons and goes to 1 to 2 gallon in 3 days… like she is drinking water fast and alot. ill take sum pics when lights come on but im filling bucket up like 2 times a week. Im just curious if i should be feeding twice or once a week if she is drinking that much water in a week.?? Is she deprived of nutes? That why she drinking more water??

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I also start with 4 gallons…so sometimes I just add distilled water with hydroguard and other times I add what ever strength nutrient mix I am using that week to get me to the changeout. I completely drain/flush weekly and change the nutrient mix for each week. so this is where you need to decide does she need more nutrient mix or just some water at this time…either way is going to be ok

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This is where bucket hydro fails. You have none of the advantages of hydro (stand alone for a week or more) due to the small reservoir size. Adding a reservoir or at least using a large tote instead of a bucket will help tremendously.

You will always maintain a nutrient solution during the grow. The feeding schedule reflects top watering in soil or media. Nutrient solution should sit at around 1,100 ppm in flower with a PH of around 5,8.