Hybrids that are not uniform (Sativa/Indica)

I’ve noticed variations in the leaves of my hybrids (of the same variety) with some leaning sativa, others indica. I’ve never isolated plants at harvest to test if the leaves indicate a general difference to reflect the nature of the leaves rather than the variety overall. Any experience or thoughts?

I don’t think that the affects will reflect the leaf type “indica or sativa” in any way that’s consistent enough to say that if the leaves look like sative or indica then the affects will be like one or the other. Our imagination my have us think otherwise though.


Most seeds sold are F1 Hybrids. This means there are a couple different types of plants even if you drop 50 seeds or whatever.
Some plants will lean more to the genetic A and more will lean more to genetic B

This why Commerical growers get a strain they are Intrested in and drop 100 seeds grow them out, cutting clones before the flip, then the ones they like the most they keep that clone as a mother grow. It out and never grow from seed again they only take clones so the genetics are the same.

If you took a strain from 10 different breeders and dropped 20 seeds from each breeder you would end up with at least 60 different plants.

When you see these names being sold to you it’s often a fery poor version of a copy cat.

If your looking for stable strains your looking for BC or S1, s2, s3 etc. Most major seed companies don’t disclose their genetic stability so it’s a bit of a shot in the dark

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I was always told clones drop the strength level after a few generations. Is this the case? I am just trying to learn if I have been told the right thing.

Gidday mate. I have two mates both same strain. No idea what it is. But been growing it since I was 20. 53 now still come up all right if they treat girls good Very fruity smelling. Old school stuff guess.

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That’s a myth