Hybrid Yellow Cannabis


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“What plant makes a hybrid yellow cannabis or what seeds?”


The Gold Leaf strain that ILGM sells at the end of the grow as the buds mature many of the plants leaves turn yellow. I hope this is what you are asking?


Actually they are golden or sometimes copper like…
It is quite gorgeous, pain to trim, but gorgeous…:grin:


Mine were more like yellowish I guess towards goldish maybe i dunno… I wish I would have taken a pic in natural light at harvest to show the leaves, but i didn’t. @Ragnar


Yeah, same here, but I will grow it next year again, got 10 beans coming…hurray !!!:joy::joy::joy:


Mine is still curing. Took a sample on Sunday at the 10 day mark. Knocked my socks off. @Ragnar I’ve got over 4 ounces, so I’m probably good for now, lol.