Hybrid Shuggz gold round 2 also 2nd generation of blu widow x kosher kush the hybrid


Hey family how are we doing so I’m give my hybrid strain a turn as well this is the 3 generation of my x and they look real good lee is knw way you think :thinking: bless @Sirsmokes @skgrower @Mikos @raustin @Countryboyjvd1971 @Covertgrower


They all look great.


Everythings looking great bro


Looking great bro.


Hey family’s how are we doing I hope al is good so jst a update baby’s look nice and made a mistake I think it the 2nd gen of my hybrid or 3rd like I was thinkin anyway they do look good I can’t wait to put them in flower bless


Hi family how’s all jst a update

still in veg and same clones there too all the ones in the middle are my hybrid Shuggz gold @Sirsmokes @Screwauger @Mikos @Drillbit @DoobieNoobie @Covertgrower @stells @Countryboyjvd1971


Hey family how are we doing I hope all is good so jst a update the baby’s are doing good but I have run out of pots but was thinkin of use bucket like this wat u all think will do

@Sirsmokes @Screwauger @Mikos @stells @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32


Just make sure it’s got plenty of drainage and it’ll be fine. There’s people here that have done it and can recommend how big and how many holes it’ll need.


I agree, drill plenty of holes it will be fine.


Yes i agree with the masses


Thts just over 4gallons am sure. Its the same ones i used on my 2nd grow and work great as long as u put plenty of holes in it. I thought it worked better thn my fabric pots but i maybe of just been lucky and it was a better seed. I would like to try shuggz gold shame tht lol. Should have another part to this site were you can swap personal information if both parties wish so. But never know what fate has in store. Peace be with u bro happy growing.


They do… it’s called the lab. And it cost money to get into it.


Hey my grow family how is all my baby’s are doing good

@Sirsmokes @Screwauger @skgrower @Mikos @Covertgrower


Looking fine for sure.


Hey family how is all I hope all is good jst a update on my hybrid widow x kush come on nice here is foto

@Screwauger @Sirsmokes @skgrower @Mikos i can’t belive the ones on the bottom are comin to the top that don’t normally happen I have to take of but this time it’s growin like it shud wid them growing up wid the rest nice bless


Hey families how we doing I hope al is good jst a update baby’s and clones are comin along nice jst need to get some more pots or turn the buckets in to pots well I have done one jst need 3more and then in to flower wen the other are done bless


Jst a update baby’s att doing good I think it’s time to change pots on a few of them one I have already and super cropt it wid 8arms or 10 coming off it nice jst waiting for the one in tent to finish but mess up on dates some were not good o well but these are doing good @Screwauger @Sirsmokes @skgrower @Mikos @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie


Hey family jst a update change pots jst hope one is not a male


Dam I think it a male the two hooks Sorri family how are we doing and yeah male no way I hope not but cause of hooks I think it male well I have not been wrong yet every time I see this @Screwauger @Sirsmokes @skgrower @stells @Mikos @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie


Seems kinda early to say that it’s male.