Hybrid light set up questions - HID/LED setup

Hey, i have a few questions about setting up a hid and led grow light setup. My grow room is around 6x12, and this will be my first grow. Im not sure what lights i should get. Iwas thinking 1x 1000w HID, and 2x 500w led (actually watts). Does that sounds like over kill or can i get away with it. Also what brand of lights should i get. Is Bestva 3000w any good?

i also plan on growing around 12 plants at a time

its hps not hid, i feel like an idiot right now

HID r High-Intensity-Discharge lighting, HPS r High Pressure Sodium, along with MH r Metal Halide, r pretty much n the same grouping of lighting types. Same as LEDs, light emitting diodes, r CFLs, compact fluorescent lighting. .:alien:


No reason to feel like an idiot, u were right on…Now as far as “what light I should get” ur gunna get a lot of answers, because there r a lot of options. LEDs r the way to go from what I learned on this site, as a matter of fact I just purchased a Spider Farms 2000 for my bean cracker, n clones. Because of the info. from this forum, n a bit of reading n research, n the inter web, don’t forget about U-Tube videos.

Hey man how’s it growing… I run a hybrid setup myself and heres my two sense on the matter. I run 4 600 watt hps in flower and I pondered the same question myself and dug around a bit couldn’t find a whole bunch to help me make sense out of so I just did what I do best and thats just go for it and my result has been fenominal. I went from averaging a pound and a half to 3 to 5 pounds when I added mine to my hps lights. And those were just some weak cheap lil blurple lights from when I first started growing and didn’t know jack about lights. Literally my most expensive one was like 60 bucks.

Thanks for letting me chime in on your thread.happy growing


Did exact same thing, had a 600W MH for my veggy room, n a 1000W HPS for my grow room. Asked the good people here, did some research, n the inter web U-Tube thing. N still couldn’t make heads r tails of it. They all were the best, n promised the light would do everything but lay golden eggs. 1000’s of watts, n the best LEDs. So I bought a King LED blurple to supplement my bean cracking, n cloning, don’t remember the model but it wasn’t pretty. Just didn’t do what I bought it for, put it n my grow room n the ladies love it, the transformation was immediate. Your hybrid setup looks, n the yeild sounds like u got it figured out, a lot sooner than I.:clap::clap: :+1::v::alien:


Thank you for the helpful information, there just has been alot of information to take in all at once. So what im reading is that i should go for both lights.

Now should i go with 2x 600w hids and 1x 1000w led or something like 2x 1000w hids and 1x 500w led. I plan on growing atleasts 10 plants at a time. I wont be using co2, and i plan on using fox farms soil in 5 gallon pots.

How many plants does 4x 600w hids and your led light support? Im just worried about giving the plants to much light and burning them

With most upper end LEDs they have a dimming feature. HLG, chilLED, Grow Light Science, Agromax and Spider farmer LEDs all have (based upon what model you buy)
have a dimming feature. If you go the LED route, you will save energy, don’t have to worry
about heat (as much as you would MH, HID or HPS lamps), and have the option to upgrade
later with bigger or better drivers.

The HLG Scorpion R-spec is big enough to veg a 6X6 area and flower a 5X5 area. It’s pricey but just two of those would fill your room with the light you require.


Do u already have these lights or r u planning on buying new? I got my HIDs because that’s what was being sold when I started growing. Magnetic ballasts were the only option, reflectors, with r without glass protectors was it. So I built my rooms around the lighting I planned on buying. 600W MH for veggy. aprox 3 X 5X 8 tall, with CFLs fer clones, T5s to start then T8s.1000W HPS for grow. Spare basement b/r about same size u got, for grow room worked great. I grew 10 plants with the single 1000W’er, pulling 1 plant a week. Got NL, BB, WW, n HS clones to start. Now, I’d b looking LEDs all the way, have put my KING LED plurple, first LED I bought, n the grow room great results, just bought a Spider Farm sf2000 for clones n beans. Will continue upgrading LEDs as I go, it’s much cheaper, n much better light spectrum available. No hurry, what I got works, I’ll upgrade as I go, with what I can afford…:alien:

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No i dont have any lights light, im currently searching for lights to buy. I think im going to go with 2x 600w hps and 1x 3000w bestva led (650w actual draw) not sure exactly on the brands of the hps yet but when i find somethung that i lile i will inform you guys.

Buy the best u can afford, n this case u get what u pay for. There’s no wrong choice here, do ur research buy what u think is best, it’ll grow “weed”. Good Luck I’m more than happy to throw my opinion n, if u want, no problem. I’m sure more people will also b more than happy to help.:+1::+1::alien:

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I would love your opinions on it. For the led light i was thinking bestva 3000w, i saw alot of people shitting on plurple lights why is that. And for the hps i have the link on my computer ill send it when im on it, im replying on my phone.

It’s not that they are purple, usually just that they are shitty lights. And they’re purple. For the most part, you’re going to get what you pay for with led lights. If you see one that says will flower a 4’x4’ for couple hundred bucks or less, please lump into category that you don’t want.

With single ended hps lamps, pound for pound 600 watt is usually better than 1000 watt. But you will be extremely low on light density with two of them and a bestva light in 72ft² grow space. 72 square feet would be more in line with four 600 watt hps fixtures or equivalent for flowering.

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Okay sweet

Now i still plan on doing a hybrid setup as in having both led and hid light for veg and flower. So instead of the 4x 600w hids could i go with 2x 600w hids and say 2 equivalent led lights?

Thank you giys for all the help

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I don’t see why not.

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What would be equal to a 600w hid in led lights?

I have around $600-$800 just for the lights. The hid lights i found were around $140e. Still unsure about led lights. It wpuld be kinda stretching it getting 2x bestva 3000w lights budget wise.

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Stir clear of any lights that have fans attached to them. Tge fans draw quite a bit of power also. Try and find good qb boards r spec or some good bar style lights. The light is what u dont wanna skimp out on now. Ull kick irself later of u do. Go big or stay home with lights if u want quality bud.

I find this to be very interesting if not telling.
Bestva describes its coverage area to be:
Recommended coverage: Grow: 210x235cm ( 7’x7.5’ )
Flower: 165x180cm ( 5.5‘x6’ )
So why doesn’t it show its PAR / PPF readings for this size area. Instead it presents huge numbers for the center 4 square feet
I would be more interested in the Pro-4000. It at least uses Samsung 301B diodes but the specifications are just as sketchy as with the 3000