Huston I think I have a problem

So all 10 seeds popped and planted all 10 about 10 days ago now. They have not needed water yet. Still moist from initial watering. 6 are up but growth has stalled.
Here is my set up.

Should I repot?

Hello @JD01 im a new growerbhave only just finished my first grow and it wasn’t in soil but I would like to help. I’m going to tag some members who are more knowledgeable you can always do the same by adding @ at the front of there name then they will be tagged to your post @patchman @imSICKkid @yoshi @Hellraiser @dbrn32

That’s weird. You have drain/air holes in the bottom?

I started in 50/50 mix of black dirt an fox farm ocean soil as I was told that fox farm ocean soil was too hot fo my seedlings and did make holes in the bottom of each cup

Not a fan of doming seedlings, so my advice would be to lose the domes, get a fan going lightly between plants and light and start the wet/dry cycles (since in potting soil). Doming can keep the soil too moist and then get into over-watering issues and/or sprouts damping off and croaking.

I never use domes for seedlings, never had a seedling die once sprouted in the last 27 years or so.


Domes will be removed

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If you have some time you should read @Hellraiser’s threads. He is very knowledgeable and is a great teacher. One is Hellraiser grows gorilla glue and others, and it will take you awhile to get through that but you’ll learn a lot. Welcome to the party and good luck with your grow!! Peace…


Yes. 3-4 in each

How many grows have you done before? If first i dont recommend doing all seeds at once. Learn first. Or use free bag seeds. I mean you already did but maybe learn a little before wasting time and money

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Domes are gone and a small fan shooting a light breeze on them now


My first

This is a great community of growers/learners. So im sure everyone can help you get to harvest. Id say take it slow but your all the way in. Lol if i can help im here my friend. Id move the light closer also.
What lights do you have? What temps in room? Humidity? How much and what are you feeding them?
Let us know details and we can help better

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Using one 600w MH for seedlings
Temp is 72
Humidity is 27%
Has not been water since planted

Ok i dont know hang height for those i use led. But id say lower it a little and raise humidity try for 60%. Humidifier. Buckets of water. Whatever you can do.

Thank you

I would get 2000 watt light and move in closer down on the plants not too much

I can run both 600w but don’t have access to 2,000w

Got 6 up.

Humidity is 45% and temperature is 75

Should I transfer these to the bigger pots?

I am also 18” above the seedlings with lights instead of 30”