Hurricane preparness help

With the approach of the hurricane , it’s about to dump 10-20" inches on my girls. It’s been rainy, humid and sticky now for a couple weeks with not many days of good sun. Sooooo, they are subject to mold and bud rot. Most are only a couple weeks out from harvest and I don’t want them to go south now! What do you guys think about moving them indoors to finish them out?


If you have the ability to bring them in, I would definitely do so. I think trying to do anything to stop the rain from soaking them would probably be doomed to failure because of the wind, and might do more harm than good.

I just bought a generator in case I lose power :wink: No hermies on my watch! LOL


Yeah, I’d bring them in. Not only is excess rain not a good thing based on how close they are to harvest, but the wind thrashing them could easily break stems among other mayhem. I’m guessing after the storm has passed for a few days, you could put them back outside if the weather permits?

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Definitely indoors if you can do so. I think you’d risk a major loss outdoors.

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That hurricane is about to F stuff up.Get them indoors.

I am watching… In northern SC, so I will see some rain, but I have a daughter in CHSN that evacuated. Interested to see the outcome. Also interested in seeing how much FEMA money they try to rack up as the storm decreases in strength, and the problems that arise lean more towards local infrastructure rather than federal response.

Get them indoors even if you need to put them in a dark room for a few days it would be better then letting them get 20 inches of rain
Good luck to all that are in the path of the storm
Generators are a must fir all home owners IMHO
no one should own a home with out having one in storage :wink:
Best wishes all