Hurricane do you plan for bad weather with outdoor grows?

Had to bring the girls in for the hurricane…show/share your prep for bad weather. I usually bring in budding plants to avoid bud rot from soaked buds.

Best part about growing in pots! Portable!

They look much bigger inside, floor to ceiling!

Looking forward to getting them outside again to finish.

From left to right…AK47, super Skunk, amnesia haze, and my personal favorite "pineapple upside down cakes mmmmmmmm


I have the same problem with the hurricane. Same as you mine a in pots and I wheeled mine into the barn. Since they are 8 feet tall now we had to duck our heads to get through the doorway. Sure smells good in the barn today!


Just like you did! Good luck!!


@Derf02368 @Bozzzzz @Derf02368

That’s exactly what you need to do. Your girls are now safe & out of harms way. The girls will act or treat their new lack of sunshine, as if it’s a cloudy day outside. Right now, they don’t know if they are inside or out. Just give them as much light as you can. Use grow lights if you can.


Good luck with your ladies. I had a situation down here this past winter. Snowed for a week and lost power(electric) during an indoor grow my DWC hydroponics lost power for 36 hours. Drained buckets and using gas stove melted snow to get some heat. Luckily I was close to a fire station and it was deemed to cut ‘our’ part of the grid on.

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Two things prevented me from bring them into the house.

1 - they would be touching the ceiling
2 - my wife would stab me in my sleep

Fortunately I have a big barn :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yup, been wanting to build a barn

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Mine are in the ground just have to wait it out although so far out here on east end of LI not to bad


Not too bad here on the S Coats of Cape…22 mph wind gust…hope we dodged a bullet and it doesn’t circle back around to bite us in the ass.

Our garden girls are still in a early flower, so they can still take the wind.

In the garden when buds are big and weather shitty, I add a mesh fence for the branches to lean on.

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Mine could probably take it. I’m just mainland side of the bridges so maybe a week into flower and the winds affect too crazy here… at least not yet

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Good looking plants! Mine arr (my speech-to-text thinks it’s a pirate now) in the dirt outside, so the best I can do is hope to cover them up and not destroy them in the process. That’s how I got so much damage on my Maui this year. It was not being careful enough of where I stepped in the middle of a rainstorm trying to get a cover over. Next year I think I’m going to build a tunnel and a brand new bed, that I can just roll a tarp or something over when the weather comes in.

I think the worst is over for LI. Lots of rain there but no severe winds.

yeah kind of a bust just windy rainy day

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Count your blessings. I think you guys dodged a bullet this time.

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If your plants are in the ground, hopefully, they might be next to a fence.
Depending on wind direction the fence can help you put up a tarp.
Out in the open, it is much harder to put up a tarp. You need like 3+’ stakes to anchor a big sail in front of your plants. It’s worse to half-ass the tarp and then have an 80 mph gust tear it from its mounts, wrap it around your plants and flatten them down. :-1: :sob:

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Got lucky on Long Island today! Did all my prep work yesterday. I try to keep my plants small and I’m lucky to have a greenhouse… But with 5 regulars (all female!), and 10 auto’s in various stages… there’s no room left in the inn!