Hurricane Irma is here


I wanted to post a note to inform everyone that I might be out for a few days. Lights are still on but, SE coast is getting pummeled by Irma. Over in Charleston it is high tide and the City is is partially underwater.

Kind wishes for all who endured this storm yesterday and wish the rest of us and the folks north of us a safe outcome.

See y’all later :grimacing:


Stay safe @latewood.


Stay safe @latewood
Holdin on over here in Southeast Alabama…


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To every one :innocent:

Be safe, my friend…

~Al :v: :innocent:


Careful there, stay safe


Sending prayers for all. Stay safe :pray:t2:


Sending prayers and love from Virginia ! :pray:t2: @latewood


I have friends in Ocala and they have been without power since early this afternoon. All our friends and loved ones are in our thoughts. Be safe.


I love Ocala. Thoroughbreds :slight_smile:


Hope you are OK


I was rubbing Buddha’s Belly the whole time. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the sentiment :slight_smile:


Thank You for the kind thoughts. :slight_smile:


Thanks fore the thoughts in Virginia. :slight_smile:


Lol :sweat_smile: :wink:, I am happy to see it worked :wink::joy:


My 15 old son lives in Florida he was in direct path…all ok thank God


I’m so thankful for you and your family. The LAST I know of my grandniece and her mother was they were in Ellabell GA after evacuating from Florida. If it wasn’t for Facebook …


Hopefully everyone is OK…


We leave in central Florida…we were in Michigan when the storm hit…just got back this week…very little damage to our little “love shack” but Quite a few homes in our area we’re not so lucky a lot of roofs blown off and a lot of damage… we were very blessed…