Hurricane Hermine Coming our way

Hey everyone,

Hurricane Hermine is bearing down on us and if tracking proves to be accurate; We may lose everything. If we lose power, and it is likely; I fear I will be absent a few days.

Predictions for our area is 7-8" of rain tomorrow and tomorrow night. This will cause flash floods and the possibility that we will be stranded between all the overflowing creeks and swamp. Last year we couldn’t drive more than 1/4 mile in any direction after a storm.

Oh well, I just wanted to give you all a heads up. I will probably be around off and on until tomorrow, unless the power stays on and I will keep you all informed.

Wish me luck, lw


looks like it is going to blow past pretty quickly…supposed to be in NY by Monday morning…
gonna be tornadoes on the east side though…that could suck.

Been raining all day in N FLA with no end in sight

Nothing to worry about. I live in the panhandle and all warnings have been lifted.

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from the sat view it looked like the outer edge was just going to skim the handle

Good luck!

The entire panhandle of Florida was evacuated and 200,000+ homes without power.

Here is a link to the news.

I hope our Florida friends who made light of this storm are OK. Fortunately the wind is not going to be as bad as the wind gusts in Florida. However; This could be worse for us. Lower wind means slower storm. We are worried about flooding. A major concern.

I am now alone and stranded with no way to leave. I would not leave even if I could because I love my Dogs, and we would not be welcome anywhere that is safe. I do worry about the Florida members. If you noticed; It is a nightmare for 100’s of thousands of people already, and this is in less than 24 hours.

I fear that the storm is going to get here after dark, and it is going to be extremely stressful tonight. Will update as long as I have power, and I wish for all our friends and family in the path of this storm come out of it with no more than property loss.



Grab the dog’s Bolt the plants down . Ready the boat and hang on My friend hope this Blow’s over with out a scratch . Hammer

I live in the heart of the panhandle and barely got any rain…:relaxed:


Lol… Lost power this morning but its back up and running. I would hate to go looking for a generator.

Power been out since 2 am in N central Fla

The best of luck to you all. Take good care of your self’s.


Not much happened here. Some strong winds and steady rain. Drove to Ocala for some shopping and didn’t see much more than some downed limbs.

I’m sorry @latewood if I bothered you with some of my comments. I have come to see them as part of our summer/fall life. I realize that those in the direct path are always in danger. My prayers are always with those near the focused part of the storm.

I have learned to make light of the storms as a comforting mechanism because of my wife’s fear of storms.

I’ve also learned during this drought of hurricanes that we have had, we need them. They are vital to our water table. I didn’t know you also live here, but that means you also see the truth of it.

Again, I apologize if I offended anyone, especially now that the storm has passed if you were in it’s path and suffered loss.

We all cope with concerns differently…


Hey gang, I live far enough in land in S.C. That we had a few showers and strong winds. I would only have to go 30 miles east to hit heavy rain. We need the rain bad as we have had a very hot summer with no rain. I am concerned about Latewood as he is in a area where the rain and wind will be and all day and night! The storm is moving quite fast so maybe the duration will be shorter. In any event we offer our prayers up for Latewood and others in the storms path.take care, Mike


dude… if you are in danger, get out. I live in southern Mississippi,…it is a ways from you… but if you need it both you and your dogs are welcome here.


I’m only a few hours from Latewood and I told him I can be there in no time to help.
Hang in there buddy. If you need help even when it over I’m here for ya.



Hope everything’s okay

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I am OK. Cleaning up debris is about all we had to do. Lost electric for some time and it is beautiful out today. Only real damage was that the 'ol lady left and I have been alone for 4 days. :frowning: Well; I do have my Dogs.


that aint all bad…sometimes I love it when my ol’lady splits for a few days… place gets real quiet and I like that,lol

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It’s good to hear that you and your dogs are safe.

I’m hoping she’s only left due to the storm.:wink:

The clearing of the storm is always beautiful if we can see past damage and inconvenience. A lot easier to do when you haven’t really suffered any loss from it.

Everything just seems cleaner, if you will.

I look forward to you being reunited with your other half.