Hurricane Dorian

Hello, I have 3 plants and 3 sproutlings, hurricane Dorian is approaching and I’m seeking advice to make sure my plants don’t get messed up, should I put them inside, will they die, they are currently in a pretty sturdy green house but the winds are extremely fast and I would rather be safe then sorry, any suggestions? Greatly appreciated

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If you have the means to put them inside then I definitely would. And if they haven’t started flowering just turn a light on to keep them on their schedule for the few days.

get them indoors, they will cope until its over. good luck.

@James68 I have 1 in flower but it’s only producing seeds, witch I’m honestly grateful for. And a second one that has jus begun flower, what should I do with those, I don’t even have a grow light only leds. And last time I had to move them inside due to weather I lost my best plant

When would u recommend I bring them in

I wouldnt worry about an actual grow light. Just a light to keep them on schedule

Whenever it gets bad I guess. I’m not an outdoor grower lol

could this work?

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Enough to keep them thinking its daylight. Which is all you really need to do. You dont really need a light to grow weed. Just a light to keep your plants inside but out of the dark

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@imSICKkid Ok thank u

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Should I put the ones that are budding somewhere else or no?

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If your trying to keep the ones still vegging then you would want to make sure they are receiving at least 13 to 14+ hours of “daylight”. The ones that are already flowering need to have at the most 12 hours of light. Otherwise they could start trying to reveg on you.

How far along in flower are the ones flowering

One of them is a week. And the other is prolly 3 weeks but Is only producing seeds because I pollinated it, witch I’m not comparing ab


3 of her seeds are already are already plants, I think I’m going to chop down and hang soon because everything’s dying on it. It was my first grow. And I can prolly get 3 grams of bud, it sucks yeah buh I learn from my mistakes and my second plants is looking great

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Your plants only get better the more you grow. What kind of seeds/crosses did you make?

@imSICKkid they where both bag seeds but the female was really tiny as it still is, and the male was huge, so hopefully these sproutlings give me a huge yield

The seeds look good, just sucks I got less than a q of smoke, I’ll send pics of my best plant soon

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There is a good change you might lose power.Light Source might need to be battery powered. Good luck

@kellydans ur right I totally forgot about that part of the storm, battery powered!?

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