Hunting for a Journal (on lst’n with thin copper wire)


Hey all. I know they have a search and advanced search function… ive literally scrolled thru hundreds of articles ive read on here in the last couple of weeks. I recall seeing a multi plant grow i think of autos. The individual seemed to be extremely knowledgeable and doing it more to teach then document progress. He started training the plant at maybe 4-5 nodes. And used 1/8 ish sized copper wire cuttings. He also trained the ‘sucker shoots’ to grow out along the main branching. Im hunting for it because id love to try the technique. Anyone have ANY idea who’s grow it was? Im semi sure it was an ‘ILGM rep’ with the red and white avi’s. Please if anyone has any clue just point me in the direction and ill keep looking.




After 2 more hours of scrolling ive given up :joy: need to be high to hunt this hard




Growweedeasy has a got read on lst and topping


Thanks man. Ive seen a million and even tried it on a less… quality plant. Just his technique n level of description (week by week comp photos) was golden.


I can’t concentrate on your question due to the picture.


:joy::joy::joy: die hard laker fan (that is until we just signd lebron. Now they on 4 year suspension)


Are you talking about mainlining or mainfolding?


It was simple lst’n. Just extremely detailed and a bit different. He traind down the sucker shoots behind the main shoots.