Hung whole plants to dry now their too dry, what can I do?

I hung my plants inside to dry and they dried to fast what can I do with them now? Their are also 2 plants I dried outside that were overly dry as well but I was told to soak them in ice water and freeze them :pensive:I guess to make something with and I’m not really sure what and where I go from here?? So yeah I need HELP!!!
This is my second time growing, but the first time all 12 of my plants were stolen aside from a few branches they left behind.

Looks can be deceiving bottle them with a hydrometer and if they re below 58% after 3 hours then put a lettuce leaf In each jar for 2 hours at a time then let them equalize for at least 2 more hours before repeating aiming for 62% it’ll smell a little lettucy for a day but it’ll go away with burping


There might be enough moisture in the larger stems to do the same thing as @GreenSnek said to do with the lettuce. Just cut and split the stems up in little pieces (big enough to get out later) to increase surface area. Orange peels work to but like the lettuce your weed will taste like oranges


Do you know what I can to with the bag of frozen buds? :joy::crossed_fingers:t3:

Lol all I can say is handle with extreme care trichomes are brittle when frozen and will fall off. My thinking is that when something freezes you get ice crystals on it then when it thaws it’s more moist. This is my guess of why they would say to freeze em


I’ve used apple or orange rind pieces in the past when I got dry weed… Don’t taste like lettuce LOL if the weed is already citrus.

Make hash with the frozen buds

make R S O with your frozen buds. You don’t get much oil but my experiance (only once) its almost too much of a buzz, but I’m a light weight.