Hummmm, good weather to grow outside in Alberta Canada?


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Looks like it might have got a little cold last night.

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Yeah been like this for couple weeks now, I cut down 3 of the 4 plants but left this one just to see lol
-8C here last night. So yeah she dead lol


Should have thrown a frost blanket over her with a box fan to keep things living … :wink:
Is , what it is , now… :v:
Just looking again…
What the hell happened to the green house…?
Plants would be just fine if you had plastic wrapped around the green house…:exploding_head::thinking::upside_down_face::wink:

Yeah I was working away when the cold hit. But it’s not stopping now lol I cut the green house apart because of the super high humidity when I had a auto flower and reg plant in there, got bud rot in my auto. Live and learn lol