Humidty at night

How does everyone control the humidity spike when the lights are off? I already have my light hood vented and another dedicated exhaust fan for temp control. Am I going to have to add another exhaust fan for humidty? Hoping to find a way not using a dehumidifier because I don’t have enough space in my cabinet.

As someone told me, once:


Try these dehumidifier packs for cars or rooms with things like driers in them, should help you have that bit of control you need.

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I bought this tiny humidifier & it works beautifully! I had looked at various packs & moisture absorption pads, but they hold so little moisture & get crap reviews.

This humidifier is about as big as a thick book.
hOme Small Dehumidifier for 1200 cu ft (150 sq ft) Bathroom or Closet - 16 oz Capacity Mini Quiet Safe Compact Thermoelectric Energy Efficient Dehumidifier Air Purifier - Auto Shut Off

What size area do you use it in? How low can it bring your humidty and how long does it take for it to get to your set point?

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I use it in my 2x4x5 tent. That tent has an exhaust fan, a carbon filter, a clip fan, and one open passive intake panel.

W/in 3 hours of plugging it in the first time, my humidity dropped by 5%; by the next day the humidity had dropped by 10%. It collects about a cup or 2 of water every other day, depending on contents of tent & how much I’m watering.

I run it 24/7.

If you purchase it, just make sure to cover the little light on the front of the unit.

My humidity has not gone above 37% in a couple months, now. It seems to stay at 33% unless I water.

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I just harvested my last plant. It’s hanging in my tent. Before harvest, the rh was 33% with the dehumidifier on. 12 hrs after harvest, with the dehumidifier off, the tent rH is 44% The tent has been in total darkness since Monday afternoon.

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