HUMIDITY when drying

I’ll be harvesting my outdoor plants and bringing them inside, or maybe keep them outside, to dry.
Whats the ideal HUMIDITY for drying the plants?

AND what do you use to monitor the humidity?

Any recommendations or tips for drying?? Thanks!!

55-60% preferably to make it go nice and slow , I just use a basic rh meter in the room, along with a humidifier if needed, be patient once your smaller stems start snapping then they’re usually ready. Make sure you have a fan in the room rotating the air but not blowing directly on the plants. OHH don’t forget to wash your plants dunk them in water with peroxide then dunk them in plain water then fan dry both sides for an hour each( prevents mold and helps kill critters)


I concur. 55-60%

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@trx, I use my 2x3 tent, only use the side flaps with finger size hole for breathing. 77 deg, 60-65 humidity works for me. Good luck with your grow, happy growing

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