Humidity what’s allowable

What’s a reasonable amount of rh when flowering? My tent seems to stay around 55 to 59 right now.
Is that going to be too high when flowers come?

I’m out of money for a while so a dehumidifier is in the future at best but I’d like to be able to get away without one at all if I can help it on first grow


55 is high, but you might get away with it so long as you have good airflow. Airflow is the next best thing to a dehumidifier.

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I’ve had to flower at 60%. (Fans, lots of fans) and had no issue.

Here’s a chart that I got off this site an if I’m reading it right if the temp goes up so does the RH (vpd chart)

That should help a lot

i know my room humidity sits at 70%. i have my humidifier set at 55 so it dont come on often. my room temperature runs at about 34 during lights on. haven’t had an issue yet. hopefully when i upgrade my ventilation next month it will help bring my temps down.

I’m only concerned about flowering obviously but the vpd chart says that at least in a baseline situation I’m okay

We shall see when there is an actual watered plant in there putting out real world moisture

I’m not buying a de humidifier on this go round so I’ll just have to make it be ok

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some days i just leave my door open if i need the extra airflow when the lights are on.

Optimum rH in lfower is 40%, and possibly up to 50% with LED lamps. Someone mentioned airflow. Big help, but you have to vent somewhere.

Perhaps you can afford 10 bucks for a 6" booster fam. and some flex duct. I can get you a link if you are interested.