Humidity took a dive

Humidity is dropping.Tent was staying at 77temp 43 humidity today humidity is 33.What should I do

There are mini humidifiers that can be used, fan speed turned down can help. If humidity is higher in your house, maybe open a tent vent. Mine went up and down with watering as well. Some more, more experienced people will chime in here shortly.

Do you know why the humidity dropped? Is it an issue of local weather, or did you defoliate? A big drop in humidity could indicate a precipitous drop in transpiration.

I hope so.Its got me puzzled.Thank your response

That’s the guestion why

You’re asking what to do. I’m asking you why it’s happening. The cause leads to the remedy. Did the weather change? Did your home air conditioning change? Did you change things in the grow space? Have your temperatures changed? Are you describing relative humidity or absolute humidity?

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If I knew what was happening I wouldn’t be posting wow

I bought a humidifier and set it to 45 in flower

I’m posing questions to help you determine why you’re seeing a drop in humidity. If you provide detailed answers, we can help you understand what has happened, and how to remedy it so it doesn’t happen again.

Just bought one.Another learning experience

Yeah that’s the way it is

I notice in my grow after watering humidity goes up for couple of days and if there is a drop in the weather it goes down but not to big of a deal, when it’s low probably just drink more water faster,

When buying a humidifier or a dehumidifier the desired humidity has to be similar to the humidity in tent. So figure in the entire room or it will make you crazy.