Humidity too low in curing jars?

I hung and dried at 45-50% RH and now day 4 in the jars the humidity won’t rise above 55 to 57%. I got gallon jars which I realize are too big now. is all that extra air space a problem? Should I order smaller quart jars?

I cure in 16 quart tubs with no problems. If the rH gets too low I place a moist sponge in an open zip loc bag until the rH is where I want it.

Many folks use apple slices, orange peels, etc but I don’t care for the changes in aroma that occur when those are used for humidity control. When you get the humidity where you want it, Boveda bags can be an excellent way to maintain it.


If you have any other plants growing you can pluck a leaf or two off of those and put in jars. Won’t effect the taste.


What size to use in 1 qt. jars. Size 1,4,8???(bovida)

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I use 8 gram in 1 qt jars and I have huge ones for my cure tubs (16 qt).

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Thanks have to order some for current harvest

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The large Boveda packs that I use in my curing tubs are 67 grams.

I’m using 1 qt jars. About an ounce per jar

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Wish I had to use TUBS! LOL

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