Humidity to high

Hi guys im having a big problem with humidity in my tent it sits around 69% the lowest i can get it 62% i have put my aircon on the dehumidifier setting to try to get it to go down i have four fans goin i dont know what else to do.i am five gallon fabric pots and im thinking it maybe the moisture in pots are causing the issue ,what do yous think the tent is 160×70×70


This will help, but what fan do you have for exhaust?


Depending on what you have for an inline fan and what your lung room is sitting at. The RH of your lung room will have a huge impact on your tent RH.


Im using a 4inch vivosun inline fan to get rid of old air

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62 with lots of air flow wouldn’t concern me to much

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I think i worked it out ive been having the humidity sensor sitting in the pot with my plant instead of having sitting on the floor of my tent

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Yeah that could be it! Lol! I hang mine on the wall up high


It needs to be at canopy level. So average of your total flower area if your buds not all the same height. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


The room i have my tent in is at 62%RH

That’s your issue then. You need to de humidfi the room and vent that heat or have an AC in that room as well.

Like @GulfCoastGurilla said 62 with lots of airflow is doable, not ideal though. If your plants are strong and airflow is good you should be able to manage


Yah my aircon has dehumidifier function which im using but i cant set Rh on it otherwise i can put it on aircon function

Buy a 30$ inkbird smart controller plug.
Plug your air con into the controller.

Ove gotten my RH down to 49% at the moment

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That’s plenty

Hi guys after a battle with humidity i have finally got it sorted my humidity is now around 40% i had two plants in my tent in five gallon fabric pots and one plant was a mutant and it wasnt growing so good so i pulled it out and took the pot out of the tent and nowy humidity is 40% the other pot was making it to humid

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Hi Tezza
This might help.

Thanks for that but i have got rhat sorted now