Humidity - The Struggle Is Real!


In the middle of intense heat and humidity right now ! 88% RH and temperatures just a couple degrees lower

The heat is vented well, temperature is a steady 78 degrees but humidifier can only get the humidity down to 71 RH in the grow room (right now it’s at 74 RH)

AC is doing a lot of good but I’m just wondering what y’all do to deal with RH ?

it’s going to be like this straight through Saturday morning before it breaks here, and my concern is that I have many big fat buds in flower

I added a 9 inch turbo fan in the flower tent making two fans in it, I have a 6" 220 CFM I can use but it’s not a matter of getting more air in the tent, is plenty air going in, just not sure how to reduce RH further ?

@yoshi I recall a thread where you talk about some kind of humidity beads (?), they change from Blue to Pink and then you recharge them?? It goes in the tent but I can’t find the thread ? Do you recall what I’m talking about?


Would that be sort of like this? I think you put the stuff from those little packets they put in clothes, like silica gel or some other desiccant. Then you refill when they run out, no AC, so you could just set them in the tent.


Actually that’s exactly what it was ! Thanks !


Yeah it’s an Eva-Dry dehumidifier to help take moisture out of the air in flower is what I used . It’s a real simple device , it’s design for small closets and campers like pop up campers etc , but it works and the beads are an indicator , when the beads are pink that mean the dehumidifier has maxed out what water vapors it can hold , it has a plug outlet on it so you can plug in the wall to dry it out , and when the beads are blue it’s ready to use to help dehumidify the air . I simply hang one at the top of the tent and I set one on the bottom and the two keeps my humidity around 30-39% humidity which is great for flowering , and if you have strong lights that will help as well , hope this helps , and I believe it was about 30-35$ on Amazon .


Yoshi those things look pretty awesome I like the Simplicity of it too however I’m thinking that I might get one of those little dehumidifier machines, there’s a bunch of them from 40 to 50 bucks that I think would do well in my 5’x5’

My air conditioner dehumidifier did very little, the air conditioner itself helped a lot more, but it’s still got to 77% rh once !

I added another 9 inch turbo fan so I’m going to be all right but OMG what a nightmare ! Now I know what some of you Southern growers go through !? I’m wondering how y’all deal with it ???

I might get them both ? …after this last week the humidity was ridiculous, almost a hundred percent for days , so I don’t think both would hurt ?

There were times when everything was wet, not just the floor …it was like a tropical jungle in there, all I needed was a couple of parrots and a snake LOL :fish:


What you have to remember when thinking about adding a dehumidifier is, they add heat.
When my tent is at 60% RH, the temp is about 85F. When I turn on the dehumidifier, RH goes down to 45%, but temp goes up to 91F. Just keep that in mind. I also use a 5x5’ tent.


Sup trees I enjoyed your u-tube vids !

I have a 440 CFM fan moving air and an AC keeping it under 78’, I’m thinking of hanging a couple of those small portable dehumidifier things, they don’t generate heat and I think they’d be just enough to keep it under 60 ro on even the worst days ?

Days like that in a row is not common here and I got through it without a problem, but I was surprised initially how freaking dank & tropical it was a couple times in there !

Just came home from a nice day at the beach to find 75 degrees at 54 ro right now ! Good deal ! :thumbsup:


@ktreez420 the Eva-dry dehumidifies dont generate no heat Sir , it don’t even require power at all , what it does is trap moisture in vapor beads and when it’s full of moisture beads turn pink , than you plug it in a wall out let outside of the grow tent and the wall outlet helps warm the beads to dry them from the moisture and when they turn blue it’s ready to be used again . I used 2 in a 2x2x5 small grow tent and I simply hang one at the top of the tent and I sit one of the floor in the tent and my humidity is right at 31% steady , now I reall don’t need two of them unless I’m growing two are more plants which I don’t do as often cause of space , so I rotate them when one is full I swap them out so I can keep my RH at a steady % thru flower they work perfect for small spaces .


Yoshi in a 5x5 will two of them be enough ?


Yes Sir it will be perfect with two ?


Lovin this site. Most stuff dont even need to be asked, just havta read and you will more than likely find the info you need.


@yoshi I said a dehumidifier unit, not the Eva-dry dehumidifiers. I was speaking about my dehumidifier unit.
I know the Eva-dry dehumidifiers emit no heat.


@ktreez420 Trees have you tried them ?

I’m going to order some more newts from Amazon within the next 24 hours and I’m absolutely getting a pair of them too !

After what @Yoshi and others have said I believe that the little bit extra they going to give me is exactly what I need !

I have so much air moving in, out and around inside that I’m not really worried but the other day my God there was water coming down the walls of the room, not just the tent …the room ?!

Actually now that I think of it the humidity in the tent was better than in the room


Ohh yea @Paranorman, I’m definitely buying a 2 pack of these!