Humidity question

Ok so im running 2 humidifiers all day long. One is a hot steam one and the other is a cool mist kind. But i can’t get my rh any higher than 50%. Also even when i look at the weather and its 80% humidity ouside, i open a window and the rh gets lower even tho its more humid outside than in the tent. I have both intake and exhaust fans.

What size is the room? I’m sure you have but have you tried slowing down your fans to find the sweet spot between humidity and temp?

32*32…yea the exhaust is low as it will go. And my intake fan is just a duct fan, so no controls. But my exhaust fan overpowers it even on low…this hasn’t been and issue with my grow quality. I’m just curious like wtf? Lol is outside humidity different than RH?

Hmm, I’m in 5’x5’ tent with one humidifier, using passive intake, with my exhaust on med and I can get my RH up to 80%. I have a 4" intake fan coming Monday with a sperate speed controller.

I can’t help but think somehow the intake is the issue. Does the room have negative pressure? Have you tried just using passive intake to test what happens?

Yea i probably have some negative pressure…the walls of my tent are caved in a bit from the exhaust fan being stronger than the intake…should i switch them around? Also i have a controller for the intake fan but i figured since its less powerful than the exhaust, that i didn’t need to use it.

You definitely want negative pressure so that’s good. It will contain the smell assuming you’re using a carbon filter. I wouldn’t change it around.

Hmm… Has to be too much air moving I think. What is the temp?

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Temp varies…i have the warm mist humidifier in the tent and the cool mist outside the tent. But i should switch them cuz it can get to like 83º/84º in there sometimes but generally its 75-79. No drastic changes. I’m in a MN apt with the wall floor heaters. My intake fan is right next to ome so maybe its taking what radiates and blowing that dry air into the tent? But this is why i also have a humidifier outside the tent as well. So that wouldn’t happen.

Try moving the intake if you can. You might be pulling air off the heater before it has a chance to humidify a bit. Worth a try. I’d also use the cool mist in the tent considering sometimes the temp spikes. At least that’s what I did. I shut off my warm mist setting.

My air RH in the house is about 37% and I can almost make it rain in the tent with 1 humidifier if I turn it way up. My fan is turning over the room air about twice a minute and still humidity is ok.

So, try to move the intake, seems like the easiest thing to try since it sounds like you’ve covered the other bases. Or maybe someone will chime in with better ideas.

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And, MN, brrr… I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about the 20’s here in the Boston area.

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Alright tomorrow I will swap the fan to the other side of the tent so its not next to the wall and see how that works. Yea if it forget to refill the humidifiers or if i work too late and they run out, my rh gets under 30% right now…it has to be ther heater cuz it wasnt like this my first grow in the spring/summer.

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Oh, do you have the steam radiators, electric or forced hot air for heat in your apt?

I would bet a seed it is. LOL

Haha yea its a whopping 8ºF here right now. All next week highs in the 10’s and single digits…i ice fish though so I’m lovin it! :smile:

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I have friends in Eden Prarie. Went there once. We did a bike ride around Lake Minnetonka. Nice area. I used to summer fish but it kinda got away from me. Selling my Ranger bass boat. Never use it anymore.

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Its the ones that run along the floor. But with the water pipes, not electrically.

So those generally add humidity, assuming it’s hot water or steam since they tend to leak a little or blow off some steam. You might hear them making noise. At least my old place did. Better than forced hot air for humidity, which is what I have. Really dries out the air. My tent is in a basement which tends to be more humid so that’s helping me.

Nice I’m in the twin cities as well. Yea I’d love to get a boat. But i dont have a garage…or a truck. Lol. But i like ice fishing way more than summer fishing. There’s a thrill that i can’t explain!

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Anyway, let us know how moving it does. Stay warm my friend and pull many fish through little holes.


If your head wasn’t frozen it might be easier to explain. LOL. We used to play hockey waiting for the “tip up!” then skate over and usually pull a sunny out of the hole. No bueno.

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I think I understand the excitement now!