Humidity question during drying

What is the "optimal " Rh for slow drying??? Have concerns about drying too fast. I’m in a 2x4x5 tent, inside a home.

60-70% works for me, but most consider this is too high.

My drying box last time was 65-70 until they were dry and it was closer to 60. Takes 14-21 days at this humidity.


I guess I will put it this way; if you leave on a bunch of sugar leaves to dry (a lot of people do this because it helps the buds dry slower), you need to keep the humidity a little lower in 50% range. This is obviously because more foliage traps more water and creates dark spots on the bud for mold to thrive.

Now if you are a guy who likes to trim before drying, then humidity levels can be higher due to increased airflow and evaporation.

I don’t have a chart available, but humidity levels also vary depending on the temperature of your climate. Hey @garrigan62 do you have info on temp and humidity?


Rh seems around 45/50%. Last grow dried to to a frazzle in 3 days (I had many problems back then) they were trimmed wet. This time I am going to hang whole plant trying to slow it down. Any suggestions? ??? Temp is around 80/84 °

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Do you have a fan blowing air underneath the hanging plants?

I will have a 6" fan in there as well as my exhust system. Air should circulate fairly well.


You know I do my friend … lol

Here ya go …

Schedule and levels
Follow this schedule to ensure you give your plants the right amount of humidity for optimum growth. Notice there is a difference in clones and seedlings.

Clones humidity level
Growth Week 1: 70%
Growth Week 2: 70%
Flowering Week 1: 65%
Flowering Week 2: 60%
Flowering Week 3: 55%
Flowering Week 4: 50%
Flowering Week 5: 50%
Flowering Week 6: 45%
Flowering Week 7: 45%
Flowering Week 8: 40%
Flowering Week 9: 40%

Check this complete Marijuana Grow Schedule with temperatures, humidity, watering and nutrients tips

Seedlings humidity level
Growth Week 1: 60%
Growth Week 2: 60%
Flowering Week 1: 55%
Flowering Week 2: 50%
Flowering Week 3: 50%
Flowering Week 4: 50%
Flowering Week 5: 50%
Flowering Week 6: 45%
Flowering Week 7: 45%
Flowering Week 8: 40%
Flowering Week 9: 40%


I’m pretty much there within 5% up and down the chart. OK maybe just panicking as I’m getting close, couple weeks away from Harvest at this point.

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Here is a little something else for your files, I know but when someone one asks me I can’;t help put give them what I know … lol

Harvesting is a big day for most growers. You’ve gone through months of waiting and
taking care of your plant until it was ready to produce bud. Then you had to wait for
those buds to mature. Patience is the number one challenge for all growers.

Nonetheless, you’ve gone through the checklist and now it’s time to harvest. So before
we actually get into the harvest aspect, let’s quickly walk over the basic things to
look out for to know when it’s ready to harvest.

The Harvester’s Checklist

Before you can start to harvest you need to ensure that your plant is ready for
harvest. Usually, the time frame can be anywhere between 1 and a half months to
two months after the plant started flowering before you can harvest. However, there
are other tell-tale signs to help you with your decision.
1.60%-80% of the Pistils have turned red/brown - This is a good sign telling you
that you are close or ready to harvest. Make sure that this applies to all of the
buds on the plant.
2.Terpenes have turned color – To be more accurate, you can use a magnifying glass
to observe the color change in terpenes. When most of them have turned to a hazel
color, you know you are ready to harvest.
3.Some of the leaf is dying – Getting close to the last part before harvesting,
you’ll notice some of the leaf have died off. This is because the plant is focusing
all of its energy into the buds and can discard some of the fan leaves.

Once you have gone through your checklist, it’s time for harvesting.

cannabis plants

Harvesting Steps

The first thing you’ll want to do is to start trimming the bush. Get rid of all
the major fan leaf and strip the plant as much as you can.

Once you have done this, you can cut the plant at the stem completely. Now you
have two options to the harvesting process;
1.Wet Trimming
2.Dry Trimming

Some people like to Wet Trim, while others prefer dry trimming. It really comes
down to preference however I have found that I do some of my major trimmings when
the plant is still wet and then leave it up for drying. Once the plant is dry, I
go a second time around to get rid of anything I missed in the first session.

Wet trimming will make your scissors get stickier than when you do dry trimming, but I
find you get to hold onto more of the “kief” on the plant when you wet trim. Unless you
have a trimming tray that catches your kief in the dry trim phase, I suggest you do as
much as you can during the “wet stage”.

If you dry trim, keep a container on the bottom to collect the sugar leaf and the kief
and smoke a bowl of that once you’re done trimming.


Now that your plant is trimmed, you will want to dry it. This process can take anywhere
between three and seven days to complete depending on your area. Hang your plants upside
down on a hanger or if you have dry racks, by all means go ahead.

You don’t want the area to be too humid and you want to be able to control humidity.
Many people use closets. One of the most important things to remember is that you don’t
want direct sunlight or any light really to shine onto the plant.

After about four to five days, test to see whether your plant is ready for the curing
process. You’ll know that your plant is ready by bending one of the stems to see it break,
but not snap off. If it bends, it still isn’t ready to rumble.


Now that you have finished the drying process, you’ll move onto the curing stage. In
this stage you’ll place all of your buds into a hermetically sealed jar and stash it
in a dark place for a period of ten to fourteen days (minimal). There really isn’t a
thing as “over-curing” but there definitely is a thing called “under-curing”.

In this process you’ll have to burp your weed every day for about an hour. To burp your
weed, you simply open up the jar, shake the weed around or even spread it over a newspaper
for a bit to allow the humidity to escape. This will help mature the cannabinoids and give
it a better smell and taste to it and can drastically increase the potency of your stash.

Do this for about two weeks and you should be ready to smoke your first bowl of your
newly grown stash.

And that is a very quick run-down of harvesting and curing your weed. If you have any
questions, feel free to leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


What iu do is to take all mt trim and put it into a bag and let it dry out and make hash out of it later.

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Would love to make hash but just growing 2 plants at a time wouldn’t have enough trim to do any good I would think.

Whoa! You can do plenty with 1 plant worth of trim no problem. I make hash and wax out of all my trimmings.

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That’s interesting, I’ll have to look into that as I have a sack of trim so far.

Ha. Admittedly I grow larger plants, but I usually get 1-2oz of sugar leaf trim, and 1-2oz of popcorn from each plant. That’s plenty for making the good stuff.

Also, as far as drying, the denser the buds the slower they dry. Light/Larfy buds will dry out pretty quick (2-4days).

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You save all your trim till you have enough to make your hash. It does add up. Lo

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Definitely got some reading to do.

If saving trim until enough is saved how to keep and store trim until use???

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Dry it, then put in a jar. You can throw in the refrigerator or freezer if you like after that.

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Sounds easy enough. Famous last words!

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