Humidity promblems

I have a question about de-humidification in a 5x5 tent: I have a dehumidifier in the tent plugged in to an Ink Bird humidity controller set at 45% it cuts on when it gets about 2-3 below set de humidification and I notice when it kicks on the display on the controlled climbs to about 10-15 above set value on the humidity controller then gradually goes down to set value, should I be worried about the raise of humidity for about 2 minutes or how do i solve this. I am getting a new inline fan (AC Infinity TS) to replace the one I have for exhaust and going to use the old fan to bring in fresh cooler air.


No reason to worry! Humidity is a real problem when in flower, till then if it is not too low the plant won’t suffer.

I had times my RH climbed up to 99% without an issue, when i had some auto flowers and my RH was around 40% the plants still in veg would get some dry leaf tips


The ac infinity will help I have one and it drops the humidity real quick most of the time.


It arrived this morning, installed it don’t believe how light it is compared to the 6" Active air. You are right about the humidity it does drop some what quick but not to have any concerns.The heat is steady at 78 (26) degrees and humidity is at 45%. I am using the 6" Active Air fan as an intake fan, its connected to 2 ducts on each side of the tent to bring in fresh air from the other room. I think that I have officially solved my humidity problems