Humidity problems, solution?

A question from a fellow grower:

So fall has ended and I’ve always been fighting with the humidity problems. I live in northern Canada it’s dry as dry gets specially in the winter. In the fall I had two coffee cans full of water with air pumps and still had to spray the room down about 4 to 5 times a day. To keep it between 40% to 50%. And with the weather change I’m have troubles just to keep it at 30%. I don’t have a hole lot of money. And can afford an 80 dollar humidifier. By any chance do u have any ideas or tips to help me out

You can used a cheaper version humidifier from Walmart or Amazon for about $20 , cheap and very reliable to put moisture in the grow space air . Co2 generators also helps with humidity .

This s what I came up with.

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Is that a dome sitting on top of the humidifier attached to an intake vent?

Yes it is. I will move it further away from the humidifier and onto the wall of the chamber next time a blower fails. The one showing is a replacement and was hand sealed to weatherproof.

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Now that’s some cool engineering !!