Humidity problems please help

Hell yea. We all have to make good use of what we have.

I think thats how all new growers feel at some point.

Wow. Did you at least get a good return from your yield?

Actually I lost 40% of two plants in my first grow because I didn’t have it yet. Was trying to use the crappy $30-50 Amazon junk… Did my homework quickly after that

Won’t lie though. I’m close to being able to upgrade. This older model here actually hard starts over 600w and runs around 450w mid cycle. That’s more than the rest of my entire grow at once. Since my flower tent lights are never both on same time and my entire ventilation systems takes less than 60w for all 3 tents. So yeah. Kind of energy heavy. newer ones are better. But yeah. 30pt/24hr

Wow. I never knew they rated dehumidifiers like that. I just bought one that looked like it would work, and had a hose connection so I didn’t have to keep emptying a container. I just went and checked it and it says 70 pints/day. I guess that explains how it can keep my basement at a nice 36 - 40% when I want it to.

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Half way through I added lights. Ended up with 25oz. I was happy!

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Hey brother welcome to the group. When I had a tent I had to hook my intake hose to my dehumidifier like this


It will raise the temp in your tent but it will control the humidity. I never got above 85*f and humidity stayed around 50%.

Temps will go up but you would rather have high temps and low humidity than the opposite.

I have a 5’ x 10 grow room now and have to do the same thing. I run my lights during the night and they sleep during the day. I can keep my RH below 45% with temps around 78 when lights out.
If I don’t run the dehumidifier, the RH will shoot up to 70%. But, I also run an rdwc system.
Keeping your plant pruned and thinned out will also help some.

Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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You can also add co2 in your tent seal it up and ut will help the plants tolerate higher heat. Plus co2 is rather beneficial to add
I know I’m late on this thread just came across it , I used 2 4 inch blower one in with speed controller one completely out of the house with co2, my intake is slower than my outtake and sucks the sides in and Temps stay around 85°f RH% around 51. No dehumidifier no extra ac units. Tent is 4 foot by 8 foot ,I use to have humidity issues until I added the intake blower … cheap on Amazon that works for now , the blower is actually cheaper than a pedestal fan
Cheers hope l is working out for everyone

Thanks everybody for the suggestions! I ended up tapping into my savings and buying a 35 pint dehumidifier from walmart for about 200 bucks. Humidity problem solved. :grin::grin: Im now on week 2 of flowering stage with my girl’s future as bright as my grow light.



Sweet on the 35 pint one! I’m getting ready to pop a 48x96x80 tent in the basement and I’m gonna stick a 50 pint Frigidare with hose to floor drain in it. Programmable. Playing with settings now with a 48x48x80 in the same room.

Hell yea. Id like to have something like that some day.
Did you buy that monster? Or build it yourself?

Bought it 10 years back for the basement. Then added central air so I rarely use it. So, into a tent it goes!!!

Lol i was talking about that tent.

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I tried them green pads co2 generators a couple weeks ago…they dont work how they advertise. Im probably not on the grow level to get a tank.

Bought it. Vivosun, Walmart, $160.

Damn that was a steal. How long ago?

Last week. Go up online, that’s where I found it.