Humidity problems please help

I vegged this zittlez plant for about 9 weeks in a 5 gallon bucket. Im running dwc with a maxsisun pb1000.
I got all my tent vents open and a clip fan. I got another fan coming monday. I started the flowering stage on September 1st. Ive had humidity problems for probably about a month now. Ive tried a cheap mini dehumidifier from amazon, an airboss dehumidifier, an air conditioner window unit, and charcoal. Nothing seems to work because during her night cycle the rh% gets well into the 80s and sometimes the low 90s. I open the tent during the day with my ac running to drop the tent tempetature and rh%, but she still spikes overnight. Anybody got any suggestions, ideas, or information that could help me out? Ive put a lot of hard work and money into her and i dont want to lose her to high humidity. I will really appreciate any help i can get.


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More airflow both in to and out of the tent can help quite a bit. Beyond that you would probably want a dehumidifier.

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I have another clip fan coming in the mail. Do you have a good dehumidifier you would recommend that would fit in a 2x2?

None of those small dehumidifiers actually work. You are to have to control the room conditions where you tent is located


Yea thats what i thought because i read a lot of reviews on amazon for those things and everybody says they are all garbage. I actually returned the one i bought from amazon because i had come to learn that all those reviews were the truth.


You could buy a regular size dehumidifier and put it in the room where the tent is.

You need to get the tent vented outside of the room that it sets in get a vent fan AC Infinity and a controller 67 that will automatically adjust for you but you must vent to the exterior of the house ,roof, room you’re in otherwise you will just keep recirculating the humidity hope this helps :v:


Yea they are expensive though.

I will look into it.

Don’t have to have the controller 67 just very nice to set a high and low temp set it and forget it plus it has Bluetooth you can see the readout on your phone while you’re at the house and it keeps track of it for you throughout the hours you can see how the temps and humidity run

I will definitely aim to get something in the ac infinity line of products next grow cycle, but right now i dont really have that kind of expendable funds.

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Not sure what size tent you have but is there any fan blowing air out of the tent? If not a used 8inch computer fan will work for the time being to remove air from outside the tent in recirculating the air.

As for venting outside of that room. If you control the temp and humidity in the room your tent is in then you can control your temp and humidity in your tent. Need a larger around $200 price range dehumidifier. I buy one that has a drain pump so it can run non stop and drain through a small hose. These 2 things would solve your humidity problems. Good luck!

Lot of good information here. But to answer your question. When purchasing a dehumidifier stop looking at SQ ft. Or any other bs they try to push. This isn’t how you measure a dehumidifiers viability. Look for a 30pt. This means it can remove 30 pints of moisture from the air in 24 hours. 30pt is the minimum most consider usable. The cheap ones they advertise for like campers and stuff… Only remove like 0.2pt a day.
I ran one for two weeks and it never filled the tiny reservoir. If I crank my 30pt and it’s real humid. I can fill it’s reservoir in a day.
And it needs a wipe down. Darn I’ve been out of it.

I’ll take my shame. I deserve it.


Appreciate the feedback. Im getting a 2nd 8 inch clip fan to exhaust the tent. I bought an all in one grow tent kit when i first started but they dont tell you about all the extra things you need. Ive already got more than 1000 dollars into my setup. After i buy a dehumidifier it will be close to 1300. Atleast i will be better prepared for my next grow cycle.

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I dropped 1500 my first grow. Knowing everything I know. I can set up one hell of a 4x4 for around 1200 and have a hell of a setup!

Np bud anytime. If you need something just tag me or someone else you see in using the @ symbol then their name. Everyone here is extreme helpful and usually I’d they don’t know the answer can find someone who does pretty quick. Good luck!

Nah bro, no shame. At least you have all the tools you need for a proper grow whereas im learning everything last minute and risking my yield.

I did the same thing lol. Started with a lamp and fluorescent lights with 5 seeds in an old cooler lol

Had no clue what I was getting into!

Thanks. Im glad Robert Bergman put a forum on ilgm. It has actually given me a lot of good insight from users with good advice and knowledge.

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