Humidity ...please help me!

So my plants are 1 week and 3 days as of today. I know the humidity has to be higher than 60 between 70 and 80 but I can’t seem to get it higher than 50 (at least that’s what my ac infinity cloud line is telling me since day 1) so I bought a humidifier and now the humidifier is saying that my humidity is higher than 70 I don’t get it I’m lost. I don’t know what to do because two different devices are showing different humidity levels and it’s a big difference too. This is how they looked this morning and also the two equipment I’m talking about. Somebody please help me before they get sick or something :roll_eyes: I am also transplanting the 2 small ones to 5 gallon pots today and adding more soil to the 3 gallon pots because at first I didn’t have enough soil.
I asked in another post but really didn’t get a lot of help… 2 of my plants have a leaf or two showing a twist… I think it’s because of the humidity

Do you have the humidifier on a controller

And different spots in the tent can show different readings also

I have the cloud line reader thingy next where I put the humidifier and it’s saying 51 humidity and he humidifier is saying 70 itself… so I don’t know what to do. Does anybody used these two items before?

I have the vivosun it doesn’t tell me the humidity but I have my humidifier run to a controller that turns it on and off at that number I also have a WiFi hygrometer with the panel in my bedroom so I can monitor and on my dehumidifier when that kicks on it has a reading too also to my controller but different spots in the tent will read differently if you want tj try to get consistent numbers on both they have to be in same area

Don’t let it boggle you I did on my first grow too just sitting their watching the numbers for hrs I’d get a humidity controller and hook the humidifier up to that

They’re like 20$ online

Yes but the cloud line is an humidity and temperature controller that’s why I’m so lost. Could you please show me ur set up?

And that twist on the leaves can be a number of things I had some twisting because my seedling got a helmet head where the shell had a tough time coming off

Oh no mines came out really fast didn’t took 2 days

Since it’s one of the first bottom leaves I wouldn’t wry about the twisting too much

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What the controller does is it will actually power o the humidifier and dehumidifier if you get one when the humidity reaches a certain temp a little different than the one on the fan

The fan? U mean the fans inside the tent? And this humidifier I got has a panel and it shows what humidity I want and a timer and mist etc… so once the humidity levels are not where they should be it’s supposed to kick in . My problem is the cloud line is saying my humidity is negative and the humidifier is saying is over 20 degree higher…

It could just be the different locations I’d go off what your cloudline monitor is saying sometimes the ones on the humidifier themselves aren’t always that accurate

And yea the cloudline monitor operates the extractor fan it powers that higher and lower as needed

Do you have a pic of your whole tent so I can see how it’s run

Hey I just took a few pics of my setup.
Also one of my tent so you can see it for some reason I got home today and it’s sucking in… what could be the problem? I have 2 oscillating fans going on right now…

@Covertgrower can you help me out?

Really depends on the sensor position in the tent. If the cloudline sensor is right near the exhaust, it’s possible that the air around the exhaust is being sucked out too quickly and giving false readings of the surrounding air.

If it was me, I’d get a Humidity sensor with a probe and have it around the same height as your plants and use those readings to setup the exhaust timer etc.