Humidity maker on or?


When lights off what do i run in the tent?
Fan and the humidityer or nothing?

My two fans run 24/7 and my dehumidifier is set for 55 so it’s auto day or night. I try to keep constant as far as the temp/RH is concerned. Plus the fans help with keeping the air flow no stale are for me I don’t want mold building up.


Yee but exoust fan on and no light be cold for my plant i think i just bout the humidityer so iam trying i have problem just right now whid the humidityer to hold 50%.
And i grow in 80x80 tent but my tent conect to out hole in shower i strong out blow.

My exhaust fan is set for every 30 minutes. If I ran it non stop I can’t really control the temp/humidity that well.

Ok that works

Perfekt my temp went down do