Humidity Killin Me

hello growmies! im 11 weeks flower and next week looks like alot of rain. can i get some advice on chopping before or way to soon. Ive seen some mold due to rain and over cloudy days. She looks good but dont know what to do. first outdoor 5th grow. Storms a coming:-(


Canopy that girl for the storm

Bud wash for your harvest! Peroxide and water in a tub and just dunk and shake until you’ve clean the ish out of them.

Maybe a good idea to cut any moldy rotted parts off now before it spreads


Ty for the reply. I’ve been kinda just picking that off as i see it. I’ve not gotten out with the loop but I know it’s got some time before riping. I don’t wanna lose her though.

Here are some pics before storm


@plumbdand has you covered, with mold your going to want to look inside the buds and see if it there. I’ve had big buds look beautiful, but full of mold. Good luck, she looks awesome. :v:


Its killing me too. Im hoping the monsoon season ends earlier than last year. I just clipped off a couple of bad spots on my Runtz. I got a gallon jug of hypochlorous acid off Amazon yesterday. I got the peroxide ready too. Runtz is sticky as hell and nearly ready maybe 2 weeks.


Get roll of concrete wire 6x6" squares 6ft high 20ft long roll circle plant then cut piece to dome it 1ft above plant cover with plastic make to uncover. Plus get cane bamboo cut run through squares to support your buds

Me again like the other person said check inside your buds got rot cut it out all of it on sunny warm day give it light hydrogen peroxide spray way to stop that mold and fungus on plants at 2 to 4 weeks old get copper fungicide and spray then 1p days later repeat bonicide is the go too

Let ‘em grow, I grow in AZ this has been a very wet year for us. I grow outside all year long and never had any problems, have at least 10 plants growing as we speak!