Humidity issues


A question from a fellow grower:

Quick question, I am having trouble getting the humidity up over 30% in my grow tent without raising the temps to about 84 86. I am only in beginning of second week vegetative stage. I used a towel drapped in a bowl and that worked for a lil bit but the air here has been really dry the last two days and even with a humidifier in the tent in ranging from about 26/30. Could you please give me some advice it’s my first grow and it looks like it’s coming along ok but I’m nervous about the humidity issue. Thanks


Do you have fans ? Good air movement is necessary to control RH


I do have one 6 inch. It’s a small grow room so I thought one would be sufficient. However, last night I tried a lil trick and shut the window the exhausts were in and turned on my central air ( the vent is right below exhaust system) and found that I could cool it down while maintaining at least a 48% humidity with about 77-81 temperature. I remember reading something that said new growers shouldn’t play trial and error but I think I managed on that one. It’s my first grow so I guess I’m a little paranoid over it lol Thanks for your speedy response it’s really appreciated.


Did what you needed to do - Good Job !!! nothing wrong with being paranoid - it’s when you are not that’s the time to worry. Always have to keep and eye-out - after a while it’s second nature -


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Lol thanks i guess my first time will be a learning experience