Humidity Issues Indoor 4x4

At this point I’d say no, however if you have something to use that will still fit them you could without causing any harm.

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Ok. They were started to touch the edges of the dome so i figured id ask. Thank you.

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Bud give wet cardboard a try on your floor. It stays moist longer than fabric. Let it dry out almost all the way before wetting it again or it will slime up on you. Change it with new often, works great for me. Cheap effective

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Too much light? Not the best photo but i see what looks like bleaching. I have my light around 15-20% power at 18". Just raised it to ~21" high.

A) What are you using for lights
B) Are you using cal-mag? If you are, are you aware that it should be the first thing you add to your water? Usually 5ml/1 tsp per gallon of water

@SKORPION young babies look good i must say very nice.

Had the weirdest germination yet today. I soaked a couple seeds for 24 hours and transfered to paper towels checked 24 hours later and the taproot had already shed its husk was trying to grow leaves in the paper towel. Ok we got a eager one @RoMaNGroWN


2 SF2000. Not currently using cal-mag. I am tho using a living super soil.

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I’m not familiar with the SF2000 but you may want to start adding cal-mag to your water.

From Spider Farmer.
Already looking into it cal mag. ill probably do a homemade solution. Also using RO water so i can imagine it may need some supplementation.

Using RO water is fine and it doesn’t need pH’ed (plain RO water that is, once adding feed it should be pH adjusted). Whether or not it’s time to start feeding nutes depends on the grow media. I’m currently using FFOF and can usually get 4 weeks from it before I start adding feed.

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Like I said before, im using a Living Super Soil. One had mentioned it may be too much for to start babies with.

A lot of people say the same thing about FFOF yet all of the plants I’ve grown have been in it. I’m sure you will be fine.

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I can’t imagine the shock of opening that paper towel to see leaves already.
Would have love to see the expression on your face. I know I would have been jumping around like a kid on Christmas morning. I personally would love to see this magic sprouts journey. Keep on Growing :grin:


Like @LandShark said you’ll be fine. Let them grow into it. Remember they are a …weed. strong and hardy…a lot stronger and harder than one would realize.

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Thanks for everyone’s input. Much appreciated.